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How to Get a (7-Day) Free Trial of Weight Watchers OnlinePlus

logo weight watchersFree Trial of Weight Watchers OnlinePlus: Did you know that WW offers a free trial of their popular OnlinePlus program? Most people don’t, but it’s worth considering if you’re thinking about joining Weight Watchers.

Click below to learn more about the free trial, and why it actually might not be the best deal to signup with:

Weight Watchers Online 7-Day Free Trial

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Why the Free Trial Is Not the Best Signup Special:

When you signup for the WW free trial, you get 7-days of access to OninePlus and 50% off your first month. So, what could be better than “free?”

Well, actually if you plan on staying with Weight Watchers, it’s not the best deal over the long term. While 50% off one month sounds good, you can get up to 50% off 3+ months when you use one of their new customer coupons.

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That means the free trial promotion will save you about $12 over the first 3 months. If the free trial includes free signup, add another $20 to that. That $12-32 savings still falls short of their monthly signup promotions which usually save you more.

The Free Trial Doesn’t Include a Free Meeting

One more thing, this free trial is for 7 days of Online access only. I don’t see any mention of meetings, so that’s a separate thing altogether. Also, participation in promotions of any kind varies by meeting location. You can see if a free trial WW meeting is available here.

Before Starting the WW Free Trial, Compare Promotions

So, the bottom line is that there might be a bit of an opportunity cost associated with using the free trial, but it can be great if you don’t want to stay with the program. You can quit for free before the 7th day ends, unlike the aforementioned 3-6 month promotions which save you a lot but hold you to a contract that you can’t just quit during and get your money back.

So, if you are really on the fence about joining, the free trial is a good option. If you are pretty sure you want to stay with WW OnlinePlus, then go for one of the coupons which save you more ling term!

Source: https://mightydiets.com/weight-watchers-discounts/

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