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Weight Watchers Free Month | First Month Free w/ Signup

ww logoWeight Watchers First month Free: WW always has a signup deal or Weight Watchers monthly pass promotion code available, so never just go to their homepage to join.

Right now they have a coupon for a free month when you join with their 3-month savings pass:

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How the “Free Month” Promotion Works

Because WW changes their specials about every 5-7 days, we can’t guarantee that this offer will always be available, but it has been for 2 of the last 4 weeks.

Just click through on the link above, and you should be presented with the free month promotion for WW OnlinePlus with optional meetings. OnlinePlus costs $20 per month, so the free month saves you an extra $20 on top of the current free registration special.

What If the Free Month Special Isn’t Available?

weight watchers free month

Is the free month promotion really the best?

The funny thing about WW is that they frequently change their specials, almost at an annoying rate. That means that today’s gratuitous signup plus one free month might be tomorrow’s “50% off 3 months,” and both offers end up saving you almost the exact same amount. So, why not just keep the free month special up there for a while and stop confusing people?

Is the WW “1 Month Free” Special the Best Deal?

Because there are a couple of variables at signup, you might not know if you are getting the best deal. Here’s a couple of things to look for to make sure you’re getting a good price:

  • Are you being charged a signup fee? The $20 registration fee is significant, so the best deals waive that cost
  • How Long is the promotion? Usually the best offers are with the 3-month savings plan, which, as you can guess requires a 3-month commitment. You won’t get a free month with most 1-month signups, and 6-months may be too long of a commitment for you
  • What is the total savings? As mentioned, the free month deal by itself only saves you $20, so you should have another discount to make it worthwhile. If you aren’t saving at least $35 total on a 3-month membership, it’s not a great special
  • 2 or 3 Free Months or 50 off is rarely available
  • I recommend skipping their free trial, as you won’t often get a great price after 7 days

When Is the Weight Watchers Free Month Offer Available?

As mentioned, they’ve been running the free month promotion a lot lately, but it also seems to be available in their best seasonal sales like New Year’s (resolution time!) and Memorial Day.

They also did a free month promotion with Oprah last year which ended up being a great deal, and you’ll see their “join free, free month, free cookbook” special sporadically.

You Can Always Wait for a Better Deal

Does the current free month special not save you at least $35+? Is registration free? Then, if you aren’t in a hurry, I suggest you wait until a better offer comes along. Check out the expiration date of the current coupons, and if they aren’t great, consider waiting until the next one comes along.

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