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Turbotax: Double-Discount, Up to $50 Off! (2018)

turbotax logo redTurboTax 2018 Service code for 50 off: It’s that time of year again. Not as fun as the Holiday season, but a fat tax refund would be nice!

Well, regardless of whether Uncle Sam thinks you’ve been naughty or nice, you can stick it to the man by using this new service code for up to 50% off the retail price of all TurboTax editions including Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed:

TurboTax: Up to $50 Off

Click above to apply discount. You may have to be logged out of Intuit’s site for the discount to apply. Here’s how to get the best discount:

Getting the Best Deal: Here’s the first Discount:

When you click over to the Intuit turbotax site from any banner running their current promotion, you’ll automatically get a discount like this:

turbotax first discount code

first discount

The Second Discount (Use a Service Code?)

second discount turbotax

Don’t finish your order yet! If you use a service code or semi-exclusive discount from any of the coupon sites, you’ll get an even better price like this:

turbotax service code 50

Often an actual code isn’t even needed for the second discount!

But, how can I do all this while brushing my teeth, you ask? 

How to Use a Service Code while Brushing Your Teeth:

  1. Google “TurboTax Service Code”
  2. Place the toothbrush at an angle on your outer gum-line with the bristles facing in
  3. Choose any top tax site, like Mighty Taxes
  4. Wiggle toothbrush gently back and forth
  5. Click on the “featured service code or discount”
  6. Brush the inside of each tooth using the same wiggling technique as in step 4
  7. If discount is not applied in your cart, you may have to log out of Turbotax.com
  8. Use the tip of the brush to reach the back, top, and bottom of all teeth
  9. Save up to $50 on your software download!
  10. Repeat brushing in circular motion for a total of 2 minutes

*Sorry, I’m on day-time cold medicine that makes me loopy.

Vanguard Also Has a Good Discount

Are you a client of Vanguard (financial) You can get this same deal through your dashboard at vanguard.com during tax season!

In Conclusion, To Get the Best Deal on Turbo Tax…

TurboTax changes their prices so that the closer you get to the tax deadline, the more their software downloads will cost you! Try to file early to get the best price, and always apply a second code if possible! Need help using a code? Here’s their support.

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