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TurboTax Live Coupon: $10-30 Discount!

Coupon for TurboTax Live: TurboTax Live gives you the ability to work with an actual tax professional on your return live, and in real-time through your computer.

While this helps to ensure that you get your maximum refund, it isn’t free. Well, the good news is that we have a coupon for up to $30 off TurboTax Live!

Here’s the Best Price for TurboTax Live:

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How TurboTax Live Works:

The biggest disadvantage of tax software is that you don’t have the one-on-one contact that you get when you meet with a CPA in-person. That’s exactly what Intuit is seeking to fix with new TurboTax Live.

With TurboTax Live you can talk with CPA’s right from your home. No need to wait in line at a tax store; live experts come to you with TurboTax Live. In fact, you can have a tax professional do a one-on-one review of your tax return right on screen.

What “Live” Includes:

The Basic version of TurboTax Live includes:

  • Unlimited help and advice from a tax professional. All of their tax experts are CPAs, EAs, or Tax Attorneys
  • Guaranteed Maximum tax refund

Not bad for an extra $50-80! TurboTax Live is kind of like getting the best of doing your own taxes and hiring a CPA.

Did You See the TurboTax Live Superbowl Commercial? (2019)

You probably saw the Superbowl commercial for TurboTax Live? It’s really funny, so here it is:

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