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Top 5 Tips for Planning a Birthday on a Budget

Your child’s birthday is an extremely important and memorable event for both you and them. As a parent, you want to make it as special as possible, but this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

In the end, it’s the experience that will stick in your child’s memory. Just because you don’t have the cash to spend doesn’t mean you can’t create a perfect birthday party.

To help you prepare, we’re going over five tips for planning a birthday on a budget. These inexpensive birthday party ideas are sure to be a hit with your child and their closest friends.

1. Opt for a Free Venue

The venue of a party is often the most expensive element.

There are a number of popular venues for a kid’s birthday party, including theme parks, bowling alleys, and restaurants, but these are all relatively pricey.

Instead, consider free venues such as public parks, lakes, or your own backyard. The money you save on the venue will allow you to get creative and make the party as fun as any other location.

2. Keep Food Costs Down

There are a few ways to keep the cost of food down while also providing a great menu.

First, consider scheduling the party during non-meal hours. Instead of having a party during lunch time, schedule it from 2 to 5 and let your guests know you’ll be providing snacks and finger foods.

Instead of buying pre-made food, opt for simple appetizers you can prepare in advance. When it comes to the cake, make your own and avoid the overpriced, subpar selection the grocery store offers.

3. DIY is Key

When it comes to planning a party on a budget, doing as much as possible yourself is a big money saver.

Materials at craft stores are inexpensive, so get creative and make the decorations yourself. You’ll be surprised what a pair of scissors and some glue can do.

You can also create a custom birthday card and invitations online. This way, you’re saving money and have the creative freedom to make exactly what you want.

4. Keep the Guest List Under Control

Your child may want to invite every classmate, member of their soccer team, and relative they know. While this idea is nice, it drives up the cost.

Instead, only invite your child’s closest friends and relatives. This will cut down on the overall cost of food, supplies, and activities for the kids.

5. Borrow as Much as Possible

If you don’t have a necessary item like a folding table, chairs or a cooler, ask other parents if they can chip in.

Borrowing as much as possible makes perfect sense. There’s no reason to buy items you’ll only use for one day.

Asking your friends to bring these borrowed items to the party also saves you the headache of transporting everything yourself.

Throw the Best Birthday on a Budget

Fun doesn’t have to be expensive. The effort you put into your child’s party will pay off when you see their face light up while blowing out their candles.

Use these tips and plan a successful birthday on a budget. The other parents may want to know your secret.

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