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Pennzoil Coupon: $5 or $10 Off Any Oil Change

pennzoil_logoCoupon for Pennzoil Oil Change – There are hundreds of locations that use Pennzoil brand motor oil for oil changes, and they should all accept these coupons directly from Pennzoil towards oil changes.

Get $5 off any regular oil change, and $10 off a synthetic oil change with Pennzoil Platinum.

So, here are the best coupons we can find, directly from Pennzoil:

Get your Pennzoil coupon here at Pennzoil.com

oil change girl pinup


Pennzoil: $5 Off Your Next Oil Change

Choose your nearest participating location at Pennzoil.com and get a printable coupon for up to $10 off an oil change. Coupons will look like this: (samples)

pennzoil oil change 5 dollars


Pennzoil: $10 Off Your Next Synthetic Oil Change

pennzoil oil change coupon 10

Using a coupon for Pennzoil

Just go to the store locator at Pennzoil.com and choose a garage or service center that accepts Pennzoil coupons. Then, print out your customized coupon for $5 off any regular oil change, or $10 off any synthetic oil change using Penzoil Platinum motor oil.