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kids bday party tips

Top 5 Tips for Planning a Birthday on a Budget

Your child’s birthday is an extremely important and memorable event for both you and them. As a parent, you want to make it as special as possible, but this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

In the end, it’s the experience that will stick in your child’s memory. Just because you don’t have the cash to spend doesn’t mean you can’t create a perfect birthday party. read more

free_mothers day card shutterfly

Shutterfly: Free Mother’s Day Card; Personalize w/ Your Photo(s)

Shutterfly: free photo card, great idea for Mother’s Day

There’s 101 reasons why you might give or send out a single photo card, and one great idea is for this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

So, why not find a great photo(s) and design a personalized photo card this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Even with a nominal shipping fee, it’s going to be a lot cheaper and more meaningful than going to the local drugstore for a greeting card! read more