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Pennzoil Coupon: $5 or $10 Off Any Oil Change

pennzoil_logoCoupon for Pennzoil Oil Change – There are hundreds of locations that use Pennzoil brand motor oil for oil changes, and they should all accept these coupons directly from Pennzoil towards oil changes.

Get $5 off any regular oil change, and $10 off a synthetic oil change with Pennzoil Platinum.

So, here are the best coupons we can find, directly from Pennzoil:

Get your Pennzoil coupon here at Pennzoil.com

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Pennzoil: $5 Off Your Next Oil Change

Choose your nearest participating location at Pennzoil.com and get a printable coupon for up to $10 off an oil change. Coupons will look like this: (samples)

pennzoil oil change 5 dollars


Pennzoil: $10 Off Your Next Synthetic Oil Change

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Using a coupon for Pennzoil

Just go to the store locator at Pennzoil.com and choose a garage or service center that accepts Pennzoil coupons. Then, print out your customized coupon for $5 off any regular oil change, or $10 off any synthetic oil change using Penzoil Platinum motor oil.

advance_auto parts free services

Advance Auto Parts Free In-Store Services: Free Car Battery Test, Free Loaner Tools, More

There’s most likely an Advance Auto Parts store in or near your town. Are you aware of all the free services that they offer? From free battery testing to free loaner tools, you might save time and money by dropping by.

free services at advance auto parts

I’m pretty sure that milk has gone bad…

coupon shareAdvance Auto Free Services:

  • Free Oil & battery recycling: If you change your own oil, or have an old car battery in your garage, you might be wondering what to do with it. Look how happy you make the guy at Advance Auto when you give him a jug of toxic goo! (above)
  • Free Electrical / Battery Testing: Do you need a new battery? I don’t know either, but they can test your battery, starter, and alternator for free for you
  • Free Windshield Wiper Installation – Ever try to replace wipers yourself? It can be a headache, so have them do it at the store when you buy new ones
  • Free Loaner Tools – If you’re handy, you might be working on a project that requires a spring compressor or specialized puller that you’ll never need again. You can borrow all kinds of tools from your local Advance Auto Parts if you leave a deposit
  • Free In-Store Pickup – Although their website offers free shipping if you spend $75+, you might not want to pay for shipping at all. If that’s the case, or if you need your order immediately, just place it online, and specify “free in-store pickup” and get it in an hour!
  • Free car battery installation – Buy any battery at their store, and they will install it for free!
  • Free chicken wings and beer – This is actually the only free thing on this list that they don’t offer; everything else is true!

Well, there you have it. Lots of free services as well as free advice for your DIY automotive projects from ASE certified team members. (Better than the advide you’ll get from the college kid at Home Depot!)

You can also get up to 30% off at Advance Auto Parts with this week’s coupon!