Redbox Codes: Free Rentals (Ongoing List)

Redbox-logoThey just installed a new Redbox near me so guess what that means? I’ll be posting Redbox codes for free rentals! 🙂 Don’t forget you can reserve Redbox movies online and use a Redbox online promo code to make things a little easier. See all the Redbox locations to reserve your title online.

Redbox movies must be returned by 9pm to avoid an extra day rental charge. Redbox codes can only be used once per credit card. Also, some of the Redbox promo codes below may be regional so they may not work everywhere. And in case you didn’t know, you can now rent Redbox games for PS3, Xbox360, and Wii.

Redbox Codes for Free Rentals

(Last updated 3/19/14. Just visit

163 thoughts on “Redbox Codes: Free Rentals (Ongoing List)

  1. Sara P

    FYI >>>If someone has used the code at that redbox machine before you did the code typically don’t work again even if it’s a new person using the code.

    Here are some codes I got from playing the McDonalds Monoply game online. I already used them but they might work for a different person at a different machine. No promises though…


    1. Jeff

      None of these old codes work. Sign up for e-mails through and they’ll send you rent one get one free and .75 off two movies, etc…If you enter the promo code after the first selection it will take off the discount and you don’t have to pick a second movie

  2. Reanna

    We are new comes to redneck but seems ok so far. But EVERY code I’ve tried off computer has NOT worked:-( . So if anybody can send me/email me Good Current codes to use I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks Very Much. We are in Louisiana , I don’t know if that matters it not. Today is June 22, 2014.

  3. Samantha

    None of the codes worked for me. Used with a brand new credit card account, so no chance I have ever used them before. I think redbox is changing its policies. We can’t seem to get free rental codes anywhere. Everything is 50 cents off. Just FYI…but I’m thinking this page might be obsolete id they’ve changed.

  4. Steph D

    Went down the list and tried every single code (aside from the store-specific ones; I was at a McDs) — not one worked.

    1. rich

      thats what happens when you keep 2 movies for a month, they charge about a dollar a day for about 24days then they stop charging. you returned the movies thats your fault. its says it right there on the kiosk

  5. 817Diva

    DVDONME-not working
    DVDNIGHT-not working
    MOVIETIME-not working
    BREAKROOm -not working
    DWTREE4 -not working

  6. SarahCummings

    dvdonus worked last night for us. You have that its reported as no longer working. Remember everyone these codes will only work once per card. That may be why someone reported that, maybe they were trying to use the same code twice.


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