Redbox Codes: Free Rentals (Ongoing List)

Redbox-logoThey just installed a new Redbox near me so guess what that means? I’ll be posting Redbox codes for free rentals! 🙂 Don’t forget you can reserve Redbox movies online and use a Redbox online promo code to make things a little easier. See all the Redbox locations to reserve your title online.

Redbox movies must be returned by 9pm to avoid an extra day rental charge. Redbox codes can only be used once per credit card. Also, some of the Redbox promo codes below may be regional so they may not work everywhere. And in case you didn’t know, you can now rent Redbox games for PS3, Xbox360, and Wii.

Redbox Codes for Free Rentals

(Last updated 3/19/14. Just visit


163 thoughts on “Redbox Codes: Free Rentals (Ongoing List)”

  1. None of these codes work for renting online. Bummer I will see if I want or stand in line just to keep trying codes

  2. I tried the latest ones sent..only movienight worked a few days ago . They may work in other states..not Wy..thanks anyway for update!! Have a great weekend !

  3. Hey guys, try these out and if not working please let everyone know but not all codes work for every single person….. Enjoy

  4. These are tough times financially. It’s great to be able to snuggle with your other half to enjoy a movie…thanks for making it possible with the codes!!

  5. Hello jenny… my name is will I used some of the red box promo codes and they work thanks to you. I am a certified nurse assistant. I love my job I been doing this career for eight years now. I also live with my life partner. I hope I hear from you soon jenny.. I used dvdnight and breakroom

  6. I tried DVDONUS, HAPPY1, and RENTONME at the kiosk but they keep saying “code error”…DVDNIGHT does work though, thanks : )

  7. Packers? What are they packing? Fish, meat, carrots , vegetables?How can you be nuts about that. Music, theater and drama is something to be nuts over.I think you can go back to college and start all over . You have to repackage yourself!

  8. Thank you so much for posting these. I love to watch movies and money is really tight. With the codes I get to curl up and watch movies alot more than I normally would get to.

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