harley davidson free sticker

Free Harley Davidson Sticker: Roll Your Own

Get a free sticker promoting Harley Davidson’s new “Roll Your Own” campaign. Is there a stronger American brand than Harley Davidson? (Other than Apple, and maybe Bob’s Big Boy, of course!) Freebie: Free Harley Davidson “Roll Your Own” Sticker Roll Your Own – I Don’t Get It Anyway, I’m not familiar with the whole roll […]

weight watchers oprah coupon

Weight Watchers: Join FREE, New Oprah Promotion

Join Weight Watchers Online for Free: You may have heard that in October Oprah Winfrey announced that she had purchased a 10% stake in Weight Watchers. Not only did the stock double, but it sent thousands of people looking to join Weight Watchers. Well, the Oprah-effect is happening again, as Oprah just tweeted a video […]

free disney family stick figure car decal

Free Disney Family Decal: Stick Figure Car Sticker

Ever see those Disney decals on the back of cars with the stick figure families? Now you can design and get your own decal free from Disney Parks. Add mouse ears, a princess hat, a turkey leg, or even the family dog to the design. Hey, you can even see the castle in the background! […]

free turbotax filing freedom edition

Turbotax Free File: 2017 Free Federal Version – Free State?

File your Federal taxes for free with TurboTax Free Edition: It’s tax season, and while you still have time until the 2017 tax deadline, you should roll up your sleeves and start collecting all those tax forms that you’ll need to start filing your taxes soon. If you don’t own a home, have dependents or […]

feed a bee free flower seeds

Free Seed Packet of Bee-Attracting Flowers: Freebie from FeedaBee.com

Bees need flowers, and you need freebies! (that’s what they call a “symbiotic” relationship) Just click over to feedabee.com and click the box that says, “send me a free seed packet for a packet of seeds.” They have selected seeds for wild flowers that bees love. Get this freebie at feedabee.com Make this into a […]

shutterfly free magnet coupon

Shutterfly: Free Magnet – Saves Up to $9

Shutterfly Free Photo Magnet Promotion: Want to get a free sample magnet from Shutterfly? Maybe you were thinking of giving these away as gifts, or just want to tack one on the next time you order prints; either way, it’s a great little coupon that will save you up to $9, depending on which magnet […]

shutterfly free wedding invites

Shutterfly: 5 Free Wedding Invitations (5×7) – Free Samples

You already know that Shutterfly prints photos and all kinds of personalized gifts like photo books and calendars, but did you know that they print beautiful wedding invitations? No? Well, most people don’t think of them when it comes to wedding invites, so they are trying to change that by offering 5 free wedding invites. […]

proflowers free shipping

ProFlowers: Free Shipping Coupon for Weekday Delivery – Really!

Like me, you may have tried in vain to get past the $15 service and delivery charge that popular florists like ProFlowers charge. Well, the good news is that we found a way to get free delivery at ProFlowers.com Hidden on their on-site coupon page, there is currently a link to an entire page of […]

Martha Stewart’s Profile on Match.com + 7 Day Free Trial

Martha Stewart Tries Match.com + a Free 7 Day Trial – Who knew that you could get a full week for free on Match.com, and that Martha Stewart is one of the recent people to try it out? Match.com Free 7-Day Trial – Use code: FREE – New accounts only. Existing users probably won’t even see […]