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Best Price Ever on Nutrisystem? Costco Hack + 2 Promo Codes!

nutrisystem logoHow to get the best price ever on Nutrisystem: Starting a diet like Nutrisystem can be a bit like buying a plane ticket in the sense that the person sitting right next to you may have paid a completely different price for the same thing.

It’s all about timing and research, and in this case we found that buying a discounted Nutrisystem gift card from Costco is a good place to start. Let’s review how to get the best possible price at signup for Nutrisystem:

1.) Costco Has Discounted Gift Cards for Nutrisystem:

OK, I know not everyone is a Costco member, but if you are, you can save a lot on Nutrisystem. At you can buy up to five $100 Nutrisystem eGift cards for $75 each (or less!):

nutrisystem costco promo code

Nutrisystem Costco price – no promo code needed!

costco logoThese gift cards are good towards “any Nutrisystem program or item” and are “normally delivered via email in under an hour.”

Tip: Personally, I wouldn’t buy more than two Nutrisystem gift cards at Costco, as your order total at will probably be less than $300.

So, that’s your first savings, (If you aren’t a Costco member, you can skip this step.) Now, on to step two.

2.) Choose the “40% off” Promotion

Many times when you go to they will be promoting a “$100 off” coupon, but that isn’t the best deal. You see, “$100 off” means $50 off your first month, and then $25 off your second and third month. That means months 4+ are going to cost you $50 more than your first month!

Instead go with the 40% off promotion that they give to health and diet sites to promote their program. The rate that you pay at signup will be locked in, and you won’t get an unwelcome surprise after month #3.

Here’s the best promo:

banner nutrisystem 40Activate 40% Off Promotion

Ok, don’t checkout yet, let’s use a couple of promo codes first.

3.) Use Promo Code & Gift Card at Checkout

Ok, now comes the fun part. At the grocery store I love watching my order total come down as the coupons take effect. You get a similar experience on the final part of the checkout process when you enter your Costco gift card and promo codes!

First, here’s where to enter the Costco gift card:

enter costco gift card number

Where to enter COstco gift card number

Ok, now enter a promo code for a final $20+ off. The code SAVE20 should still work for $20 off, but you can check for their $30 off promo code.

You can often stack a second code for a free shaker bottle too. (Try code: FREESHAKER)

Here’s where to enter the codes, and check out those discounts:

enter promo codes nutrisystem

Enter promo codes on last checkout screen like this:

Let’s Review: Look at that Savings!

  1. Buy discounted Nutrisystem gift card at
  2. Click 40% off promotion
  3. Enter Costco gift card number and promo codes at checkout

Got it? So, if we had gone with the current promotion on the homepage, we’d be paying $317.98 at checkout instead of $264.14.

Plus, doing it this way we saved an extra $25 on the Costco gift card, and even got a free shaker bottle ($9 value).

That means you’ll save an extra $79 off their promotional rate! (Plus the shaker bottle) 

This Is the Cheapest Way to Signup for Nutrisystem

So, if you do decide to join Nutrisystem, this is the cheapest way to do so. Well, we’ve cut the fat off the price of Nutrisystem, now I hope you meet your own weight loss goals.

Have you used this “hack” to get the best price on Nutrisystem? Please leave your own review of this Costco Nutrisystem discount below:

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