Most Popular Kinds of Flowers to Send On Mother’s Day + Their Meanings

Most popular kinds of flowers to send on Mother’s Day: We appreciate our moms so much that we dedicate a holiday each year to her, and collectively spend over $20 billon dollars proving our love and appreciation for her.

Several billion of that is just on buying flowers, but most people don’t think twice about their meaning before choosing which kind of flowers to send.

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Anyway, while pink still reigns as the preferred color choice for bouquets, here are the most popular kinds of flowers to send, and their significance:


send lilies meaning
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Of course, one of the most popular types of flower to send on this special day is the simple lily. These dazzling flowers are most often associated with symbols such as devotion and kindness. It’s logical, then, that you would give these as a present to your mother who is doubtless kind and devoted to you.

Rather excitingly, you can get these flowers in an array of colors! From the rare orange lily, which symbolizes wealth and luck, to the gorgeous pink lily, which signifies love, there’s something for everyone.


send orchids mothers day meaningNext up, the stunning orchid is a flower that seems ideal for pretty much any occasion. In recent years, though, it seems that this flower has become one of the most popular to send on Mother’s Day. So, what is the deal with this particular flora?

As you may know, there are two common orchids which you may have seen before now. Red orchids are symbolic of friendship and, indeed, love. On the other hand, white orchids are a sign of elegance and sophistication. Needless to say, either (or both) of these flowers make for perfect a Mother’s Day gift.


pink roses meaning send
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Roses are red… except when they’re not. Despite what the popular rhyme may have you believe, there’s a whole load of different colors when it comes to roses. From yellow and white to red and pink, you will have your pick of the bunch, so to speak.

So, what is the meaning behind these beautiful and intricate flowers? Well, while deep red roses are obviously symbolic of love, light pink roses signify grace.

Yellow roses are traditionally a symbol of friendship, and light up a room. They are a great way to say, “thanks”, but could also be chosen as an alternative on Mother’s Day to say, “thanks for being YOU.” 

It’s well worth taking a look at the many roses out there before you pick the right flower for your mom. No doubt, she will appreciate the gesture.


irises send meaningAs the name suggests, the simple iris and, of course, it’s meaning dates well back to Ancient Greece. In reality, this flower gets its name from the Greek Goddess, Iris, who was supposedly was the link between heaven and earth.

For this reason, this flowers have a whole load of significance. Should you get some for your mom, it might just mean the world to her.

Like many of the flowers on this list, there are many different colors in which you can get irises. The most common are perhaps blue and purple. However, you can also get these flowers in white, peach, and yellow. If you’re looking for the perfect bouquet, you may well want to get a mix of all of the above. Beautiful.

Calla lilies

calla lilies sendThe interesting thing about calla lilies is the fact that each one of them has a different meaning depending on its color.

If you’re thinking about getting a bunch of these beauties for your mom, you’ve come to the right place. It’s worth checking out what each means before you buy any flowers.

One of the most-fitting for your mom may be the yellow calla lilie, since it symbolizes gratitude. Of course, you want to show your mom how very grateful you are to have her in your life.

Similarly, pink calla lilies actually symbolize appreciation, which may also work for your mom. On the other hand, purple calla lilies mean ‘charm,’ so you may also like to include a few of those too.

Since Mother’s Day is all about saying “thanks,” calla lilies are a popular choice.


send tulips moms day meaning
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Tulips are synonymous with “perfect love,” but that can mean any type of love or affection. These days, tulips have become a favourite for Mother’s Day since they are an appropriate seasonal symbol of Spring and hope in May.

Yellow tulips tend to express “cheerful thoughts, positive energy, and sunshine,” while Purple tulips symbolize royalty. Maybe consider a bouquet with at least a few purple tulips for the “Queen” of the family!

White tulips symbolize “worthiness,” and can also represent “forgiveness.” (Did you get in any arguments with Mom this year!? Consider sending tulips to symbolize a new beginning) 

Though the most popular tulips are likely pink or yellow, you can also commonly find them mixed in bouquets, which should cover all your bases for meanings!

The significance of pink flowers

Finally, let’s talk about every mother’s favorite color – pink. Sure, pink has been highjacked by retail brands, and pop music innuendo, but long before Victoria had a Secret, pink flowers had a special meaning.

While red is usually associated with love, there’s something softer and calmer about the color pink. It’s very feminine, and (when not used in an Aerosmith song, or selling underwear!) signifies appreciation, respect, and adoration.

It’s no wonder then that so many people out there choose pink flowers for their mom on Mother’s Day. The tone is symbolic of everything they feel for that special lady in their life!

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