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The Ultimate Men’s Minimalist Closet: How to Look Chic on a Budget

Want to know a secret? It doesn’t take a lot of effort (or money) to be a well-dressed man.

You don’t have to be the guy in the most expensive suit or the one who’s always wearing different styles to look your best. You just have to focus on being the best version of yourself as you’re getting ready every single day–and minimalism can help.

Having a minimalist closet doesn’t mean you’re putting your sense of style in a box. It’s not limiting or boring; if anything, it’s the complete opposite!

“I’m sorry momma!
I never meant to hurt you!
I never meant to make you cry, but tonight
I’m cleaning out my closet” – Eminem

It’s OK, Marshall, your mom will fully support you cleaning out your closet. Minimalism not only makes it easier for you to make choices every day, it also helps you define a clear sense of style, look really good, and save money, too.

If you’re having trouble picturing what a minimalist closet looks like, keep reading. Here’s everything your closet needs to be fully stocked, but not over the top.

Everyday Essentials

Think about what you wore yesterday and what you’re wearing right now.

Are they two completely different looks? Do you have a tendency to try on a few different clothes before leaving the house?

This will change with minimalism. You’ll go from spending a lot of time in front of the mirror or staring blankly into the closet to knowing exactly what you want. You’ll be able to easily identify what looks good and feels good.

A few go-to’s you should have are listed below.

Single-colored T-shirts

Every man loves a good t-shirt. But, too many men stuff their closets with patterned clothing and branded t-shirts. This makes it hard to match different pieces of clothing together because of clashing colors and specific patterns.

As such, the first step to becoming a minimalist is to swap your old t-shirts out for a few neutral, single-colored ones.

A single-colored t-shirt goes with almost anything. It’s a lot easier to dress this up when you’re going to work and make it look casual when you’re grabbing a drink on the weekends, too.

Button Downs

Button downs aren’t just long-sleeved, fancy dress shirts. They can be short-sleeved, simple shirts that enhance your look without being too formal.

Buying a few button downs also gives you the chance to bring a bit of texture into your minimalist wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to opt for a few patterns or buy something that adds a pop of color to your closet. This will help you switch things up from time to time, but still stay within your new style.

Jeans and Shorts

You’d be surprised how often you can get away with wearing the same bottoms back to back. There’s no need to have an excessive amount of jeans and shorts in your closet.

Instead, focus on having one or two jeans that fit you well. Maybe opt for a dark one and a lighter one, then do the same with shorts.

This is enough to get your new look started on the right foot. From there, you can buy a few different colors or play with the thought of a casual trouser that’s appropriate for work and the weekend.

Sneakers for Work and Play

business casual sneakers

Speaking of work-appropriate items that can easily be worn on your off-time, try to find one nice pair of sneakers that you can wear everywhere.

Lots of men are wearing nice sneakers to work these days. They’re swapping out their old dress shoes for a more casual item that still makes them look put-together.

When creating a minimalist closet, having one or two good pairs of sneakers gives you all kinds of options. You just have to learn how to style them!

Dressed-Up Details

As nice as it is to have a clear sense of style for every day, you also need to prepare your closet for when a nice event pops up on your calendar.

A few fancier details aren’t items you’ll wear all the time. But, they do come in handy when you need to take your minimalist look up a notch.

These are the main ones you’ll need.

A Sports Coat

sports coat blue jeans

Every well-dressed man has a nice suit, but not everyone understands the beauty of having a nice sports coat in your closet. There’s a big difference between a blazer and a sports coat. It’s worth taking the time to learn more about each and figuring out what’s right for you.

Typically, a blazer should go with a suit while a sports coat is what you wear with jeans or different-colored trousers. You should definitely have a suit in your closet, but an outfit with a sports coat is what you’ll most likely be wearing more often.

A Few Ties

When a suit and tie event does come up, you don’t want to find yourself trying to go buy a tie last minute. You don’t need 20 pairs of ties, though. Stick to a handful of them to complete your minimalist closet without over-stuffing it.

If you really want to make your ties look sharp, get matching dress socks for them! Fun dress socks are a great way to show off your personality while wearing minimal clothing. They’re appropriate for suit and tie events and for everyday attire, too.

Must-Have Seasonal Items

Just when you think your minimal closet is ready to go, think about where you live. If your area experiences harsh winters or super hot summers, you may need a few more pieces of clothing.

You don’t have to break the bank to get these things. But, you do have to be prepared for all the seasons of the year.

Winter: An Extra Layer

The best way to stay warm during the winter is to have an extra layer ready to go. Invest in one or two nice sweaters to wear over your dress shirts or think about getting a heavier coat if your winters are really bad.

Maybe even consider wearing a scarf. This will seriously help elevate your style.

Summer: More Breathable Clothing

When summer is in full swing, the best thing you can wear is shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops. Invest in a good pair of flip flops that will last you multiple summers, and pay attention to the material that your shorts are made out of. You want them to be breathable and fashionable–leave your gym shorts at home.

Create the Minimalist Closet of Your Dreams

Ready to give your style the upgrade it’s been waiting for? Good news–you don’t have to wait to save a bunch of money to do so! A minimalist closet actually comes out to be a lot cheaper than you might think.

This doesn’t mean it will be full of low-quality clothing. The best way to save and upgrade your style is to find all the right pieces to create many unique looks with.

The list above will help you do just that–and check out these tips to help you save more money!

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