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5 Insider Tips for Scoring Free Flights & Upgrades

free signAre the ever increasing airfares killing your dream to explore the world?

Nowadays, it feels like only the wealthy can afford to put their feet on a plane, especially for international travel. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With a little know-how and creativity, you can travel just like the elite.

In this article, we’re sharing the best insider travel hacks for getting free flights and upgrades.

Let’s check in. Shall we?

1. Earn Points with Credit Cards

Planning a big vacation? Consider getting a credit card that earns you travel points.

Many experts say the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is great for this. Do your own research to find one that suits your needs.

After getting the card, start timing your major purchases. Book the rest of your vacation before you buy your plane tickets. If you’re going to Vietnam, for instance, book your Mr Linh’s Adventures tour of Hanoi to Hoi and put it on your points card.

As you rack up more points, you can start earning free flights!

2. Be a Loyal Flyer

Pick an airline you like and stick with it. Consider getting their airline credit card instead of a travel points card.

This will help you earn more frequent flyer miles. If you’re bouncing between airlines just to get the cheapest flight possible, you’ll never rack up miles.

Being a loyal flyer helps in other ways, too. When you’re asking for the upgrade to first class, they’ll have more reason to give it to you.

3. Volunteer for Later Flights

Give the airline as much reason to upgrade you as possible. Volunteering for later flights is one way to do this.

If a flight is overbooked, offer to take the next flight. They don’t have to upgrade you if you do this. However, it never hurts to remind them you’re a loyal customer who helped them out.

4. Dress for the Upgrade You Want

If you want to sit in first class, you have to dress the part.

Wear an outfit that makes you look like you can afford a business class ticket. These airlines have a reputation to maintain. Looking the part can only help your chances when asking for the upgrade.

5. Pick Your Travel Time Strategically

Looking to book free flights with points and miles? Traveling during off seasons, off days, and off times means cheaper prices. Your points will stretch farther.

If you’re trying to get upgrades, it’s also good to use this strategy. A flight can only upgrade you if there is an open seat in first class. Like if you’re flying the red-eye to Vegas on a Tuesday, chances are they’ll have open seats!

Getting Free Flights and Upgrades Is Possible

Just put a little thought and effort into it. As you get more experienced with using these tips, your confidence will go up. Soon, you’ll be an upgrades expert!

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