How to be a Fashion Diva Without Breaking the Bank

It’s hard out there for a diva.

You want to look great, but you also want to be able to eat food on a semi-regular basis and keep paying your electric bill (cause Netflix, obviously). Being a thrifty online shopper can help, but there’s more you can do to help save money. There are options out there for the fashion diva on a budget.

So, before you grab a baseball bat and start Beyonce-style lemonading in protest, check out some of the below tips and start filling up your closet with quality pieces on the cheap.

1. Stick with the Classics

A good fashionista knows trends change as often as the season. However, there are perennial items which hardly go out of style.

A great place to start on your budget wardrobe is to invest in some quality classics you can wear long-term, rather than investing all of your money on whatever is hip or trendy at the moment.

You’ll be surprised at how classy you can look in well-fitted jeans, white/black tees, a simple button down blouse, black pants, a blazer, and what girl doesn’t need her LBD (“little black dress” for the Philistines reading along)?

These are the building blocks of your wardrobe. You can add cheap, hip items from there.

simple style jewelry

2. Be a Minimalist

Nothing says sheik like simple.

When you’re reaching for your accessories instead of wearing four different bracelets (or buying four different bracelets), choose one piece.

When putting on your makeup, don’t overdo it; you can’t go wrong with rosy cheeks, black mascara, and red lips.

Showing intentionality with your accessory choices rather than scattershot will always make more of a fashion statement (and can help you save money in the long run by requiring less).

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3. Hire a Tailor (or Become One)

Your clothes may be the right style or brand, but if they make you look like a frumpy bag lady then what’s the point?

Wearing well-fitted and flattering clothing is the way to go, and hiring a tailor to make alterations is a great way to help.

Don’t want to pay a tailor? Figure out how to make alterations yourself; YouTube exists ladies. Of course, if you’ve never sewn before, give yourself some time to practice before potentially mutilating your precious clothing.

diva used luxury bag

Fashion Diva Rapid Fire Round

  • Newsflash, wrinkle free clothing looks more fashionable; invest in a steamer.
  • Skip faux leather pumps; they are obvious. Instead, invest in faux-swede.
  • Switch out buttons on your cheap coats for more expensive looking ones.
  • Used Louis Vuitton bags (or other luxury brands) are a way to take advantage of a timeless investment at half the price.
  • Color coordinating an outfit (or even your bag and shoes) goes a long way.
  • Become ok with wearing black. Cheap black clothing is often indistinguishable from more its expensive counterparts.
  • Try washing your clothes more sparingly. Constantly washing them degrades their quality and fades their colors. If a piece starts to stink, put it in the freezer for a while. It’s not an alternative to washing them, but it can help them last longer.

Female Version of a Hustler

Keep your inner fashion diva alive with some of these simple tips. There’s always a way to shop economically; go out there and make your own way.

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