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6 Ways to Save on Stylish Swimsuits

How often have you been browsing Instagram and see some cute bikini, only to realize when you click the link that it sells for $500? Don’t worry, there’s good news. You don’t have to be independently wealthy to find stylish swimsuits.

There are more options for cute clothing and elegant fashion than at any other time in her story.

Thanks to the Internet, there are countless discount boutiques selling top-shelf fashion at bargain basement prices. We’ll be taking a look at how to find swimwear deals offline, as well.

Gents, do not fear! We’ll not only be talking about one-pieces and bikini bottoms. Guys need swim trunks, too. We’ll be covering how to find deals on men’s swim trunks as well.

1. Just Buy Bottoms

Bikini bottoms have a tendency to wear out much quicker than the rest of the swimsuit. It makes sense, you’re riding on water slides all day long on your bottom. Or you’re posing on a rock trying to get that perfect Ariel selfie.

Kendel Perez of the CouponSherpa talks about saving money on cheap nice bathing suits. “For example, after the bottoms of a favorite yellow-and-white-striped bikini got ruined in a river, I found an orange Ralph Lauren bikini on sale at T.J.Maxx for $20. I didn’t like the top, but I loved how the bottoms fit.”

Using this method, even bargain shops like T. J. Maxx or Ross can become a source of stylish swimwear.

For one additional tip on buying only bikini bottoms, if your top features multiple colors, you can buy bottom pieces in multiple colors and essentially have multiple bathing suits!

2. Avoid Trendy Name Brands

Unless you’re a Jenner or a Kardashian, or a lifestyle model on Instagram, people aren’t likely to be looking at the tags of your swimwear. While you may be wary of store-brand mayonnaise or seltzer water, avoiding major label swimwear is a great way to save money on stylish swimsuits.

Target regularly has cute swimsuits for around $20. A similar quality of swimsuit would cost around $89 from a name-brand designer.

This is particularly good advice for finding mens boardshorts. Guys tend to be less concerned about impressing people with clothes by big-name designers unless they’re Kanye West or Virgil Abloh of course.

3. Browse Coupon Sites

Coupon clipping isn’t just for grandmas anymore! Sites like Coupons.com and RetailMeNot.com regularly feature both printable as well as mobile coupons for swimsuit savings.

Online coupon sites feature savings for both online retailers as well as brick-and-mortar shops. If you’re in the market for a new swimsuit, make a point to check these coupon sites before heading out for your shopping spree!

4. Buy Off-Season Stylish Swimsuits

When you have the luxury of planning ahead of time, buying swimsuits off-season is a simple way to save tons of cash. The months leading up to summer are the best times to purchase a bathing suit as retailers are looking to clear out last year’s fashions and make room for the new batch.

Immediately following the summer is the next-best time to purchase a swimsuit, for similar reasons. Store owners never know how much to order and they don’t want to be caught unprepared. They’ll inevitably end up with more stock than they know what to do with.

Purchasing a swimsuit right after summer ends means you’ll get a cute suit in this year’s style at a fraction of the price. For world travelers, this is a great tactic if you’re going to be flying across hemispheres and following the summer!

5. Buy Used Swimwear

If you’ve been following fashion trends on Instagram or fashion blogs, you’ve probably noticed that high-waisted swimsuits have been trending for the past few years. If you’re looking to recreate your favorite look from G.L.O.W. without dropping a grand, vintage and thrift stores are where it’s at.

Vintage stores and boutiques are a goldmine for retro styles of any era. This is great news for vintage fashionistas. You can emulate your favorite era’s fashion, whether it’s an 80s high-waisted one-piece or a Gidget-worthy ’60s floral bikini.

Portland boutiques aren’t the only ones on the planet, either. Every city has its own vintage and thrift stores with its

Buying a used swimsuit isn’t like buying someone’s used tube socks. Vintage store owners exercise strict quality standards, employing trained fashion experts like a clothing edition of Antique Roadshow. Used items always need a little love when you get them, however, so look up how to wash swimsuits and give them a quick run through the spin-cycle and they’ll be good as new!

6. Shop Around

When you’re looking for a deal on swimsuits, follow the golden rule of shopping at flea markets.

“Never buy the first thing you see.”

Comparative shopping is a way of life for frugal shoppers. Looking around at different shops, both online and physical, gives you an idea of what different styles of bathing suits are going for. This helps you to recognize great deals when you see them.

Shopping around for the best deals on swimsuits is always a good idea, no matter what your current financial status may be. At very worst, you can just buy more bikinis and swim trunks. At best, you could save up for a free vacation to show off your new swimwear!

Looking For More Budgeting Advice? Whether you’re looking for stylish swimsuits or grocery deals, we’ve got you covered! We post great deals and coupons on the regular. Read about more of our favorite coupon deals over here.

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