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How to Buy Makeup and Toiletries Without Breaking the Bank

“Money can’t buy happiness…but it can buy makeup!”

Yes, beauty splurges and shopping sprees are some of the best things in life. However, buying makeup and toiletries can cost you mega bucks. Just a small basket of products can set you back even hundreds of dollars.

In fact, according to a recent survey, women spend an average of $3,756 a year on their appearance. That works out to $225,360 throughout their entire lifetime.

So the question remains, how to buy makeup and toiletries without emptying your savings account? Read on for some handy tips and tricks.

Use It or Lose It

If you search your cabinets and linen closet, you’ll find that you already have several usable makeup products and toiletries left over. Try to use up what you already have before you start buying new products.

You might have forgotten that you bought something or you might have stopped using something because you didn’t like it. For example, your shower gel smelt too strong, or your toothpaste tasted terrible. Try to use them up before you purchase more.

Another tip on how to save money on makeup is to use up everything before you buy anything new. It’s surprising how much can be left over in a product. Cut open tubes and bottles and scrape out all you can.

You can also fix broken makeup instead of throwing it away. For example, if you break an eyeshadow palette or crack the lid of a powder compact. Don’t toss it in the garbage, scrape the remaining product into a small jar or box and continue to use it.

Use Less

Advertisers use crafty images to encourage you to use more product than you actually need.

For example, adverts with toothbrushes unnecessarily covered in a ginormous blob of toothpaste. Or the myth to lather rinse REPEAT. Yes, these images and instructions are shown on purpose so that you use more than you need.

Buy in Bulk

From food to toiletries, buying in bulk can generally save you some dosh. Look for multipacks or economy sizes so that you can share with your family or roommates. Buying in bulk can also save you time and money on repeated trips to and from the store.

However, when purchasing large size products, make sure to check the price per unit. You may think that you get more for your money when you buy the biggest size, but some stores sneakily charge more for the “family-size” version.

Don’t forget always to check the expiration dates on beauty products! As buying in bulk and then realizing you’ve got two months to use up five mascaras will be a total waste of money.

When to Splurge and When to Save

Instead of buying salon quality shampoo or high-end department store makeup, buy cosmetics for less. If you use pricey branded products, you will always have a high price to pay.

Many alternative inexpensive brands exist. Although some can be ineffective, many are actually just as good as the top branded products. Try to downgrade and see if you can find a cheaper alternative without compromising on quality.

But some things are worth the splurge. For instance, a good set of makeup brushes. If you spend extra on good quality brushes, you’ll be able to get away with purchasing cheaper makeup.

Back to School

Want to know how to save money on makeup? Get someone to give you a makeover! Not at a fancy salon, head to a beauty school for a free or cheap makeover.

This will save you from buying makeup for a special event, and you’ll enjoy a low cost pamper session. The same goes for getting your haircut.

Don’t be afraid that they’ll do something wrong because they are unqualified. The stylist or makeup artist will generally be more careful and cautious as they have more at stake if they get it wrong. In many cases, they are also supervised by a licensed teacher throughout the service.

Become a Coupon Clipper

Save all the coupons you can get hold of. Stock up and save coupons until a good opportunity comes along. Many coupon websites offer great deals too.

A great place to find coupons and promo codes with high quality branded beauty products is through ULTA beauty. View here for their full range of products.

Join loyalty programs. Many are free but can give nice discounts and incentives throughout the year. Several even give a gift or a discount on your birthday.

Hit the Sales

The best time to buy makeup and cheap toiletries are during sales. From Christmas and new years to black Friday and big summer blowouts, there are many opportunities to hit the sales.

Some companies have special bonus times offers throughout the year. For example, spend over $50 and get a freebie or limited edition product. However, if you don’t need $50 worth of products, then don’t buy extra just so you can get the freebie!

Another tip is to leave items in your cart overnight when shopping online. Many companies send a reminder with some kind of incentive to encourage you to buy. Yes, by just leaving your items overnight you could get quite a significant discount. Who knew?

Take Advantage of Freebies

Collect samples whenever you can! Bring home mini toiletries from hotels. Collect free samples from public events and festivals. Ask for free samples from makeup counters.

This also gives you a chance to try before you buy. Many stores have a no returns policy on makeup and toiletries, so if you buy the wrong product, you’re stuck with it.

Shop Around

Buying makeup and toiletries at drug stores is the most common way to go. But there are many alternative locations where you can get cosmetics for less. For instance, dollar stores, festivals, flea markets, craft stores, grocery stores, and online.

Shop around too. Avoid buying the first thing you see. Do your own price comparison check around the stores; you’ll be surprised at the differences in price.

Ask for a Gift

When a special day or holiday comes around, and someone asks what you want, be specific and ask for makeup or toiletries. Money or gift cards are always good to hint for too.

How to Buy Makeup and Toiletries on a Budget

How to buy makeup and toiletries without breaking the bank?

As you can see, there are many ways you can save but still look like a million dollars. Think before you buy, use what you have and shop around.

For more lifestyle tips, useful hacks, and a boatload of coupons check out our blog!

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