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How ID Badges Will Save Your Company in the Long Run

For anyone looking to introduce ID badges to their company, this is a great time. The latest ones are arguably straight out of a sci-fi movie.

“What are these sci-fi esque features,” you ask. There is UV and Micro Text printing, laser engraving, and holographic ID overlaying. It may sound nerdy but those are design features that make employee cards secure.

In the pilot episode of the TV series Covert Affairs, a new CIA agent embarrasses herself while speaking excitedly to a fellow agent. She tries to follow him through the security turnstiles only to end up injuring her leg.

That’s what happens when you forget to swipe your employee badge!

Like business cards, some of their advantages are tangible, while others are intangible. Read on to learn more about the extra benefits you will get from using IDs.

The Importance of Using ID Badges

To enhance security, hire companies that make employee ID cards with advanced features. Simple ID badges made from plastic or laminated paper aren’t the best.

Here are other advantages of using IDs:

Employee Identification and Access

Being denied entry must be on the list of the Top 20 awkward moments. You walk up expecting to enter only to hear the security guy ask who you are. For companies, this is not a bad thing.

Company IDs are proof of employment. It was tough enough getting through an interview. It must be tough for strangers to roam the building. IDs give access to certain areas, floors, or offices in the building.

As a bonus, employees can use their badges to get discounts at the cafeteria. Everyone (we assume) likes free stuff. Discounts also apply to local restaurants that have a relationship with the company.

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Creates perception of security

When everyone is wearing their ID, it creates a perception of security in the building. People feel safer when it is easy to spot visitors. Threats of data theft become minimal.

Gives Credibility to Employees

Badges boost customer relations by highlighting company roles. If you know someone is an annoying gatekeeper, you can use evasive techniques to get to the manager.

At seminars or exhibitions, potential customers see the IDs of genuine experts. Badges also make the company look professional.

To Store and Transmit Data

Back in the day, people used time stamps to record their office arrivals and departures. Now, you check when employees log in to social media. Just kidding!

Modern IDs use technology to act as a time keeping tool for workers. Companies can tell who is in the building during emergencies. Transport companies can track employee locations in transit.

IDs also store insurance and medical information for employees to access treatment.

Branding the Company

Using ID badges is a cheaper form of advertising. You can print the mission statement and company taglines on the card. Use company colors and logo to create familiarity with your brand.

Get More Ideas and Offers

As you can see, IDs will benefit your company.

They will improve your security and promote your business. Employees will have a sense of belonging when they go outside.

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