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How to Get Awesome Free Stuff for Men

free signReady to upgrade your wardrobe, your next vacation, or your personal products?

We’re all looking for ways to live the high life for a fraction of the cost. Luckily, the Internet has made it possible. You just have to know where to look.

Here, we’ll tell you the most effective — and least time-consuming — ways to score free stuff for men online.

1. Write a Product Review

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to run a successful men’s lifestyle blog or write for Details Magazine to score free products and samples.

All you need is a way with words, a willingness to write a review, and the courage to approach companies.

There are several ways to do this.

For example, let’s say you’re in desperate need of a new beard trimmer — but don’t have the cash to buy one for yourself. Sites like Influenster and Friends & Neighbors will send you products — like that beard trimmer — for testing.

In exchange for either private feedback or a public beard trimmer reviews, you get the product for free.

If you have some clout on social media (between 5-10k followers is a good starting point) you can even approach companies directly about reviewing their products on your accounts.

Most will jump at the chance to work with someone they consider an influencer.

2. Sign Up With Online Freebie Sites

Of course, the best case scenario is being sent free stuff for men with as little effort as possible.

This is where online freebie sites come in. Essentially, these sites list coupon codes, give you access to exclusive deals, and update you on freebie opportunities every day.

These sites work with a variety of companies, so you never know when you’ll be able to score the product of your dreams for free.

3. Enter Product Giveaways

The best way to find out about product giveaways is to follow the brands you hope to score free stuff for men from on social media.

Often, brands will post about these opportunities on their official Facebook or Instagram accounts. You may need to share their posts in order to be considered for a freebie.

You could also enter a time-sensitive giveaway, where the first 50 people to respond are sent a free sample.

Of course, it’s not just official brand accounts that offer up these giveaways. Often, lifestyle bloggers or websites that are sent excessive free products (we know, we’re jealous, too) will give them away to their followers.

If you’re a budding blogger yourself, take note that these giveaways are a highly effective way to increase your readership.

Getting Free Stuff for Men Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Thanks to this post, we hope you realize that it’s possible than ever to live a celebrity-like lifestyle without paying celebrity-like prices.

No matter what products you’re looking for, from Star Wars swag or free trials, to Shutterfly photo prints, and free business cards, we help you score it for free.

We also keep you informed about coupon codes, and tell you how to avoid being hit with massive fees after free trial periods end.

You can’t afford not to hear us out. Get ready to make all your friends — and followers — jealous with our tips.

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