FTD Free Shipping w/ No Minimum? Here’s How With “FTD Gold”

ftd logo roundGetting free delivery on every order at ftd.com w/ Gold Membership: Did you know that FTD’s “Gold Membership” ($20) gives you free shipping and no service fees for a year?

That means that FTD Gold, which requires no additional signup, pays for itself in less than 2 orders. So, if you intend to order flowers 2 or more times this year, it saves you money.

  • With Gold, you can get free shipping on top of their 20% off coupon! (click to apply discount; Gold Membership is optional at checkout)

Free Shipping Any Order w/ FTD Gold Membership: How It Works

About a year ago we signed up for Amazon Prime, which charges an annual fee for “free” shipping, and FTD Gold is a similar option. Amazon’s “free shipping” model has been so successful that there are now over 60 million members paying $99 a year for free shipping and other benefits like streaming media.

Not only does it work for their customers, but it’s been incredibly lucrative, as members of Prime spend almost twice as much annually as non-members. (although it’s killing retail stores!) That’s what FTD is hoping for with their “free” shipping membership, FTD Gold.

ftd gold free delivery
Here’s the popup I just got at FTD checkout

FTD Gold Cost? Pays for Itself In About 1 Order

I placed an order for flowers this past Valentine’s Day at FTD.com and got hit with a $18 delivery / service fee. Ouch! After searching in vain for a free shipping coupon code for FTD, I returned to the site in frustration and placed my order. (with a tear running down my cheek) 

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I should have just added “FTD Gold” to my cart, at a similar price that I wasted on paying for delivery. The cost of Gold is about $20, and that’s about what you spend to ship one order at ftd.com! Same thing goes for other florists like 1800flowers (get coupons) and ProFlowers (get coupons), as shipping + service fees are expensive, and seemingly unavoidable.

If you place 5 orders per year at FTD for flowers or gifts, Gold will save you about $65. That might sound like a high number of orders, but I place two orders every year on Mother’s Day alone, so for me it’s a savings.

Plus, FTD never releases promo codes for free shipping anymore. This is the only way to get it! Here’s more info:

 FTD Gold Member Benefits

  • Free shipping + no services fees w/ no minimum order requirement
  • Free same-day shipping included!
  • Additional discounts and savings year-round for members
  • Any orders for gifts, like chocolates and cookies, are shipped in a nice gift box
  • No additional signup, just login with your same email address and password
  • Shipping and service fees automatically waived at checkout
  • You can still use FTD coupons for an additional discount
  • 1 year of membership for about $20
  • Optional seven day free trial of match.com

In closing…

If you get your flowers at a local florist, or order them online about once every couple of years, then skip paying for FTD Gold. Personally, I’ve been discouraged from ordering flowers online specifically because shipping is so expensive. Knowing that I won’t pay for delivery (after the initial $20) actually encourages me to send flowers on certain occasions like birthdays when I wouldn’t have before.

Reminds me of how I now shop from Finish Line’s free shipping section to avoid delivery fees on their site, too!

Paying for “free” shipping is an interesting business model that more online stores are offering. For any stores that you buy from on a regular basis, it’s worth considering. You might not only save considerable money, but feel better about placing orders!


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