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FTD Coupon Codes 2017

New FTD.com coupon codes and deals: Don’t ever pay full price when sending flowers online! Taking a moment to find a coupon can save you big, or even get you free delivery. Use an FTD promo code for up to a 20% discount on flowers, plants, and gifts.

A few tips about FTD coupons:

» Best FTD Coupons for :

FTD: 20% Off - Includes Same-Day!
Click to apply a 20% off promo code site-wide w/ no minimum.
Ends 11/30/17
Best Sellers: 20% Off new
Need inspiration? View the most popular 50+ bouquets this week
Ends 11/30/17
Same-Day Delivery: 10% Offnew
Rare FTD discount for same-day delivery. Order before 2pm!
Ends 11/30/17
FTD: Hot Dealsnew
Get at least a 10% discount or more on featured flowers & plants
Autumn Bouquets: 20% Off
The thorns on roses are a great way to say, “sorry for being a prick!”
Ends 11/30/17
FTD Gold: Free Shipping
Add FTD Gold to your cart for a year of “free” shipping for $19.99
Birthday Flowers: 10% Off
FTD flowers selected especially for birthdays. Click to apply discount:
Anniversary Flowers: 10% Off
FTD: View a big selection of gift ideas. No promo code needed.
Better Homes & Gardens: 10% Off
View the BHG Collection at FTD.com

Where to enter a promo code at ftd.com

If you found yourself at checkout with nowhere to enter a code, you’re not alone. In fact, FTD has removed the option of entering a coupon code on their site, but this is a good thing.

Instead of providing coupon codes, discounts for FTD.com are now applied instantly when you on a promotional link like the ones above. After doing so, you should notice the discount reflected in the pricing on ftd.com, and most times you’ll get a message at the top of the site or landing page specifying the discount like this:

enter promo code ftd

Your discount will be detailed in the “You Saved” area

itemized ftd shipping discountWhen you do go through checkout, you’ll notice that your discount will be itemized at checkout next to the “You Saved:” line item.

According to FTD, this area includes product discounts, shipping or service fess, and promotion or gift card savings.

If you don’t see a discount in that area, double-check that the coupon applied before continuing on.

Tip: No need to remove items from your cart. You can click a promotional link even after you have flowers or plants in your shopping cart, and the discount will still apply.

Free shipping and no service fees? Yes, but only with FTD Gold:

ftd free shipping

Delivering flowers is unlike most retail shops online, as it involves shipping personalized and highly-perishable goods. For this reason florists, like FTD, depend on an extensive network of local florists to make the whole system work. Those florists require time to assemble and deliver bouquets, and time is money.

bouquet of rosesFor this reason, free shipping coupons are extremely rare, and you are usually better off taking a percentage discount. Having said that, there is one way to get free delivery with no service fee, and that is an FTD Gold Membership, for $20-30 per year.

An FTD Gold Membership (Click to apply a 20% discount, then opt-in at checkout if you want) includes free shipping and no service fees for a year including same day shipping and next day shipping. Because delivery and service fees can cost you nearly that much on a single order, it’s a good investment if you send flowers more than twice a year.

What’s the best coupon? Here are the 3 best options:

  1. 20 or 30% off codes: We’ve had access to an exclusive 20% off promotion for some time, so if you don’t send flowers often, this is the best coupon and often works with flowers and plants that are already on sale, saving you over 30%. That double-discount can result in a great deal.
  2. “Free” shipping: If you send flowers throughout the year on occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day, consider the Gold membership, as waiving the shipping cost can save you 30% on every order. Plus, you can also take advantage of any available promo codes for extra discount
  3. Deal of the Day, or “Secret Deals”: At the top of the screen at ftd.com you’ll see a sneaky link that says something like, “secret deal,” or “deal of the day.” That’s one great deal that can last from 1-7 days at a 30-50% discount. It’s always worth checking out!
  4. USAA Member Discount: Members of the military get an automatic 20% discount at ftd.com

Flowers for them + a coupon for you

Thanks for stopping by to check out our coupons for FTD flowers. Sending flowers is a great way  to brighten someone’s day for birthdays, anniversary, sympathy, or any occasion, and using a coupon is a great way to stick it to “The Man.”

*Did you know that FTD was founded over a century ago as “Florists’ Telegraph Delivery?” We like to think of the acronym as standing for “Fresh to Death” instead, as it makes more sense for a florist!