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FTD’s Shipping Rates & Service Fees

ftd logo roundHow much does shipping really cost at FTD.com? If you have ever placed an order from FTD, (or any florist) you know that the delivery charges are a significant part of the total expenses for any order. (Always use a coupon!) 

FTD does not list shipping and service fees on their site, because they are expensive and confusing. The price of shipping calculated based on the delivery location and the specific products in your order, and not revealed until the end of the checkout process.

In fact, if you place more than one order for flowers a year, consider joining FTD Gold for free shipping, as it pays for itself after the first order. Having said that, it’s still possible to estimate FTD shipping rates.

FTD Shipping Rates: 

 Standard Shipping:Same-Day / 2-Day Delivery:Saturday:
Flowers$17.99+$17.99+ (same-day)$17.99+
Plants:$19.99$19.99 (2-day)$29.99
Gifts:$11.99-19.99$16.99-29.99 (2-day)$29.99

*In general, you should expect to pay $18 shipping / service fees on an average order of flowers at FTD.com

Shipping Considerations:

  • Residential deliveries: If the recipient is not home, the flowers will be left in a safe place if possible. If not, delivery will be attempted the next day. (on holidays as late as 9pm)
  • Business deliveries: If the business is closed or not accepting deliveries, delivery will be attempted the next day (on holidays as late as 5pm)
  • Sunday / Monday delivery is not available for “Standard” shipping of flowers, plants, or gifts
  • Sunday / Monday delivery is available at the same price for flowers in the “same-day delivery” section
  • Saturday delivery orders must be placed before 2pm EST on Friday. The shipping rates may be cheaper if you select your flowers from the “same-day delivery” section
  • Flat shipping cost: The price of the bouquet or plant does not affect the shipping / service fee. The mailing address is the most important factor for shipping rate
  • Alaska & Hawaii 2-day delivery: Add $12.99 to the shipping prices

TIP: The “same-day delivery” section may be cheaper, and more convenient

I recently went to the homepage of FTD and chose a bouquet to send. During the checkout process, I was asked to choose a delivery date, and got this calendar with delivery options:

ftd standard shipping rates

Now, when I chose a similar bouquet from their “same-day delivery” section, I not only got better prices, but more options for delivery:

ftd delivery shipping calendar rates
Shipping rates for a common order of flowers

Notice how Saturday, Sunday, and Monday delivery now become an option, and at no additional cost? It’s worth trying, as it might save you $10 on shipping!

How does FTD calculate delivery costs and service fees?

Flowers are unique because they are highly-perishible, and the orders are usually fulfilled by a network of local florists. This means that getting truly free shipping is highly unlikely, as companies like FTD have to pay the local florists to deliver each bouquet.

Shipping rates are calculated based mostly on your location. If you live in a highly populated area like a city or suburb, there are more local florists in FTD’s network nearby. That makes delivering flowers convenient and less time-consuming for them, so your delivery fees will be less.

If you live 30 minutes from the nearest florist, that makes delivering a specific bouquet problematic, and you might see higher shipping and service fees. That means on any single order, your best bet might be to use a 20% off coupon instead.

Is there any way to beat their high shipping rates? 

Paying for shipping at online florists is like death and taxes, and you can’t totally avoid it. However, if you order flowers at least twice a year, your best bet is FTD Gold which buys you free shipping for a year for about $20.

They have been heavily promoting this service lately, and it has created a lot of loyal customers. At the end of the day, does it really matter whether you order from FTD, 1800flowers, or ProFlowers? (Their shipping rates are also expensive and confusing) Not really, and FTD actually owns ProFlowers, so why not just place all of your orders for flowers from FTD and go with the Gold membership. It pays for itself in about one order!


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