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Love Saving Money? Learn How To Find Free Stuff Online

Everyone loves getting something for free, right? Well, there are probably more freebies out there than the average person realizes. Maybe you’ve seen bloggers posting about the amazing deals they’ve gotten using coupons, or had a friend mention that they received free product samples.

How can you score these goodies for yourself? You just have to know where to look! Read on for insider tips and tricks that will help you find free stuff!

Find Free Stuff: Free Food!

You’ve heard it said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch — but that’s simply not true! If you’re a member of Costco, you already know that just walking around the warehouse store and trying product samples can fill you up.

Other stores, such as Publix, Whole Foods, and Wegmans also offer samples. Kroger offers a coupon for a free product every Friday. Tops Markets gives away all the ingredients for three separate meals — for free! — when you purchase an item such as a beef roast or a large package of ground beef.

When your birthday rolls around, find free stuff to eat and drink all day long. Check out some of the places that have birthday reward clubs — just don’t forget your ID! Many of these restaurants have become known for offering free birthday meals. This can be an important part of their overall brand strategy, according to marketing experts such as those at SmashBrand.

Free Education / Free Classes

There are many ways to teach yourself a new skill or dive deeper into a topic that interests you, through online education. YouTube is a great resource for learning how to do things like apply makeup, style your hair, conduct safe at-home chemistry experiments, play cards or games, learn origami, and much more.

Want something a bit more structured? Did you know you can actually take classes for free from such big-name schools as MIT, RIT, Yale, and Berkeley? And yes, these are the same courses as those offered to tuition-paying students, only the learning takes place entirely online.

Other web-only educational opportunities can be found at Khan Academy, Wikiversity, and Coursera.

Free Books And Audiobooks

Do you love to read? Do you have a Kindle (or a computer, tablet or smartphone so you can download the free Kindle app)? Check your local library’s selection of ebooks, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for there, check out Freebooksy, Project Gutenberg, and BookBub to find free stuff to read.

If you’d rather get your literature delivered straight to your ears, free audiobooks are available from Loyal Books.

Free Television And Movies

Go old-school by ditching your cable. Believe it or not, broadcast television still exists, and for the low cost (around $10) of an antenna, you can watch all the network shows. Many cable-only channels offer full episodes of their shows on their websites, as well.

If you sign up for email alerts from RedBox, you’ll get a coupon for a free movie. Hulu’s free trial offer gives you one week to binge a couple of TV shows or watch several movies. And look into Crackle, which offers free shows, movies, and original content.

Find Free Stuff By Staying In The Know

Of course, the best way to find freebies and deals is to get them directly in your social media feeds! Follow Freebie Spot on Facebook and Freebie Spot on Twitter for up-to-the-minute giveaways, free offers, and deeply discounted deals.

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