The Frugal Parent’s Guide to Finding the Best Deals on Kids Clothes

Parents spend an average of $400 on kids back to school clothes. And that doesn’t take into account all the clothes they will need later in the year and next summer.

Read on if you want to learn how to get the best deals on kids clothes. Then you can put some of that money towards something more exciting – like a family vacation!

Think Ahead for Best Deals on Kids Clothes

Have you ever noticed that while it’s still summer retail stores are busting out their latest fall (and sometimes even winter) collections?

These cute coordinating items will be right at the front of the store are soon as you walk in.

Your best bet is to walk past them and head to the back. There you will find some shelves, circular racks or bins with clearance items. These are usually the end-of-season items that haven’t sold.

You’ll usually see orange stickers showing the newer, marked down price over the original price.

Often items will be just a couple of bucks when they retailed for $20 at peak season.

So the end of August is a great time to buy for next summer. You can easily find tanks, swimsuits, sandals and so on for rock bottom prices. Just buy a size up so that it will fit your kiddos next season.

Sign up for Store Emails

kids clothing rack

One of the best ways to buy inexpensive children’s clothes is to sign up for your favorites stores’ emails. Yes, you do get a lot of emails to sort through But it’s worth it.

You will get notified about flash sales, clearance, door-crashers and so on. Resist the impulse to spend money on items you don’t need. Emails are marketing tools designed to get people to spend money.

Instead, use the emails to let you know when is the right time to buy a particular item. If you know your kids need jeans, wait for an email to land in your inbox about deals on denim.

Spending money can be tricky. It’s hard to tell the difference between want and needs sometimes. Check out how mindfulness can help you save.

You can also hunt around for promo codes for your fave stores to save you some extra money off your total purchase price.

Sell your Gently Used Items

childrens clothes closet

One easy way to make cash to spend on kids clothes is to sell the items that no longer fit.

Take your gently used clothes, shoes and outerwear and even toys to a local consignment shop.

They will pay you cash for your items on the spot.

Or some offer to house your items and give you a percentage of the sales. Either way, use that money towards bigger sizes your kids need.

You can also try a garage sale but many parents find that kids clothes don’t sell as well. Plus it can take you hours of sitting there to make a measly $20.

Shop Secondhand

After selling your pre-loved clothing and kids gear, take a look around the store. You might be surprised to find all your favorite brands for less.

Used stores are the cheapest place to buy kids clothes, guaranteed. Beware of items that are stained, ripped or have broken zippers. Always examine the clothing carefully for wear and tear.

It’s worth the time spent. You can walk out of the shop with a large, overflowing bag for under $40 most of the time.

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to get the best deals on kids clothes. there’s no reason why, with a little planning and work, you can save hundreds of dollars each year to dress your kids.

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