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5 Cool Gadgets for 2017 (That Won’t Break the Bank!)

Looking for some cool gadgets to share with your family and friends?

Well, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) for 2017 has passed through Las Vegas, bringing in some new gizmos from big brands and startups alike.

Are these gadgets pushing us towards the Star Wars aesthetic us tech-geeks love?

While a lot of the gear at the CES is absolutely stunning, a lot of it is expensive.

The good news?

We’ve shuffled through some of the weirdest and expensive items to help you find five cool gadgets that won’t end up costing you your life savings, with prices ranging around $200.

1. Fisher-Price Smart Cycle ($150)

gadget fisher price smart cycle

Virtual reality is still on the rise, and Fisher-Price brings a new innovative video game for toddlers.

What is it?

This kid-sized bicycle connects to a tablet or TV. Children then peddle through a virtual world, simulating an arcade-type setting. You might even call it, “augmented reality,” but it’s not scary!

What’s so great about this cool gadget is how it motivates kids to go exercise.

Not only that, the cycle game also teaches language and math skills throughout the trek. Talk about a great buy for your kids.

2. PKParis K’asq Sport ($100)

pkparis sport

Is it a jumble of Scrabble letters? Nope.

The PKParis K’asq Sport offers an alternative to the new wireless headphones released by the iPhone 7, and its features are fascinating.

With 5 hours of battery life, the product also comes with a free portable charger offering 18 hours total.

The PKParis brand competes, cutting the price by a third the price against other wireless headphones.

Still finding it difficult to shell out $100 for headphones?

No worries. Sites like GizzmoHeaven have an array of high-quality headphones for a much cheaper price.

3. Batterybelt Charger by GoWearTech

batterybelt charger gowear tech

Although there isn’t a price listed yet, we couldn’t leave this cool gadget off our list.

A typical smartphone only has about 5 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby.

But, if you’re like the majority of smartphone users, these figures drop horrifically when your busy with work or leisure while on vacation.

With its concealed magnetic wiring, the Batterybelt gives the wearer the opportunity to never worry about an electronic dying again.

Simply plug in and charge from the comfort of your pocket.

4. ZTE Blade V8 PRO ($230)

zte blade v8 smart phone

We love this new phone.

Besides being the perfect size for an average Android or iPhone case, the ZTE is a new brand releasing some remarkably reliable budget phones.

It features many great qualities from an array of different smartphones such as being waterproof and the depth-of-field duel camera featured on the iPhone 7 Plus.

5. Ellipse by Lattis ($199)

ellipse lattis bike lock

Never worry about your bike being stolen again with the new Ellipse by Lattis.

It locks and unlocks automatically when you approach it, powering itself off the sun with a single charge lasting up to 6 months!

*Did you know biking to work is a tax deduction?

This smartphone bike lock also features theft detection, code sharing with friends, and much more through its phone app.

How’s That for Some Cool Gadgets? 

We’re always looking forward to seeing what the CES brings us every year.

It’s nice to see all the glittery, pricey products in the spotlight, but it’s nice to know innovators are making cool gadgets for the economic wallet.

Do you know some gizmos we’ve left off the list? Leave a comment and let us know!

And, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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