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CheapOair Coupons 2017

For over a decade CheapOair has helped travelers find the best deals for flights, rental cars, hotels, and cruises online. They even have special promotions just for students and military members. The best part about CheapOair might be that their prices get even cheaper when you use a promo code for up to an extra $100 off!

Top CheapOair coupons for :

1.Flights: Up to $50 Off -
Tiered discount based on airfare price. Get code:
Ends 10/31/17
2.Booking Fee: $20 Off - CheapOair
Up to $20 off hotels, rental car, flights, etc.
Ends 10/31/17
3.Domestic Travel: $40 Off -
Up to $40 off travel deals in the USA. Get code:
Ends 10/31/17
4.Hotels: $30 Off
Discount based on hotel price. Get code:
Ends 10/31/17
5.1st Class Flights: $100 Off -
Discount based on flight price. Get code:
Ends 10/31/17
6.Rental Cars: $10 Offnew
Up to $10 off CheapOair car rental fees. Get code:
Ends 10/31/17
7.Vacation Packages: $30 Off
Up to $30 off vacations based on price.
Ends 12/31/17
8.Last Minute Flights: $20 Off
Up to $20 off airfare based on price.
Ends 12/31/17
9.Student Discount: $30 Offnew
Up to $30 off student flights, car rental, hotels. Get code:
Ends 12/31/17
9.Military Discount: $40 Off
Up to $40 off flights, car rental, hotels for military.
Ends 12/31/17

cheapoair top coupons

Two Ways to Save: Deals or Promo Codes

1. Deals: (advertised sales) 

The most common discount for come sin the form of a deal or promotion. In other words, a sale or already discounted for which you don’t have to enter a code.

In fact, they have an entire, top deals section of their site for flights, hotels, and cruises sorted by biggest discount. You’ll also find special discount codes for military and student travel. Just enter your travel dates and location to get started!

2. Promo Codes:

Always look for a promotional code before placing an order with CheapOair. Why? Because every day there is at least one code available online for a discount of up to $100 on your purchase.

Most of the time it’s not possible to say exactly what dollar discount amount a promotion code will give you until you use it, because it depends on your order total.

So, the same code may give you $10 off a $75 hotel room, or $50 off a $300 hotel room. That’s also why it’s good to try out more than one.

How to use a promotional code:

If you have a code to use, just copy it down for use after you’ve added an item to your shopping cart. During the first screen of checkout, you’ll see an inconspicuous text link on the right nav under “price details” that says, “enter promotional code” like this:

use promo code cheapoair

You have to click on the “Enter promotional code” text link for a text box to open up. After typing in the code, just click, “apply,” and you should see whether the code is accepted.

*Promo code not working? There are a number of exclusions and details for every coupon issued by CheapOair. Besides the obvious fact that the code might be expired, it also may only be for specific orders.

For example, the most popular two coupon codes right now are for rental cars or flights only. By entering a code for another category of travel, you’ll get a, “we’re sorry, this promo code is not valid on your order,” message.

On-Site ‘New Customer’ Promo Code

If you haven’t signed up with CheapOair yet, look for another sneaky link (button) to get a promo code, usually next to the main search are for flights, hotels, rental car, or cruises.

Here’s where to find it: 

cheapo new promo code

*Simply click that button, and you’ll get a popup window for quick account creation using only your Facebook, Google+, or email address:

cheapoair coupon popup

After registering, you’ll get a one-time use promotional code to use on your next order!

Promo Codes for Rental Cars

Rental cars can be crazy expensive, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how they are priced. The only logic I can find is that prices are determined based on supply and demand, which means you shouldn’t procrastinate to book your rental car.

After you select, “cars,” look for the latest featured deals under the search area. Each deal will also give you the rental company’s name, (Budget, Avis Dollar, Hertz, etc.) so need for surprises!

Regardless of what kind of a deal you are (or are not) getting on renting a car, van, or SUV, the good news is that there always seems to be some deals on rental cars in your city, as well as a promotional code or two for rental cars.

Coupon codes for Flights

If you’ve registered with CheapOair, they will display a custom list of discount airfare deals from your closest airport. Or, you can easily specify a different airport if you’d like by clicking, “Not in (Your city)?

Search by flight dates and you’ll get a list of the best deals available as well as the airline and flight info. You’ll also have the option to upgrade to main cabin if you need flexibility or would like to choose your preferred seats at the time of purchase.

cheapo air flights deals

Once again it looks like the more seats that are available on a flight, the better the deal. You’ll also notice that flights with a layover are usually cheaper than similar flights that are nonstop.

Besides getting a discount flight, you should be able to find a coupon code good towards up to $100 off airfare.

As mentioned, you’ll have to enter in the code to see the exact discount, as the savings from each code are tiered based on the cost of the flight, including the actual fees that CheapOair charges.

CheapOair: Deals on Hotels

Find cheap hotel rates worldwide; from luxury hotels for business travelers to budget family hotel rooms. Look for seasonal sales and coupons, plus enjoy their best price guarantee on all bookings; If you find a better price within 24 hours, CheapOair will match the price or refund your money.

*New: CheapOair reviews here

The best hotel deals are in top cities like Las Vegas, Orlando, and Honolulu. (In my experience, cities like San Francisco and New York are the most expensive.) 

Are you going to be planning a vacation? If you want to be notified of the latest hotel deals, just enter your email and click, “send me deals.”

The CheapOair “Explore” Feature

If you’re flexible on destination, check out their unique “explore” feature for vacation ideas at the lowest price: (video)

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