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Cheap DIY Dog Toys Your Dog (And Wallet) Will Love

You come home from the pet store excited to surprise your dog with a new, shiny toy. The price was a little ridiculous- like nice dinner at a fancy restaurant ridiculous- but you’re a sucker for seeing your dog’s face light up at the sight of a new toy.

But within minutes of giving your dog his new toy, he’s completely destroyed it to the point where it’s almost unrecognizable.

If this scenario all too familiar, it’s time you do something about it.

Dog toys aren’t meant to last forever, but if you’re spending an arm and a leg, they should last a while.

So what’s the solution?

Switching to cheap dog toys. But don’t worry, cheap doesn’t mean cheap quality.

Here are the top cheap dog toys your dog (and your wallet) will love:

1. Tennis Ball in Sock

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. But we’re pretty sure if dogs could talk, they might disagree and say their real best friend is a tennis ball.

If you’re looking for a way to “spice up” this classic dog toy, just grab any old sock. Put the tennis ball inside the sock and tie a knot at the end. And voila! You’ve now got the easiest, cheapest, and handiest dog toy money can buy.

2. Stuffed Chew Toy

Dogs love stuffed chew toys. Walk down any pet store aisle and you’ll see dozens and dozens of brands claiming their chew toy is “the best.”

But guess what?

Your dog doesn’t know the difference between a name brand chew toy and one you made at home.

To make a cheap alternative you’ll need:

  • two small pieces of fabric (an old t-shirt works great) 
  • a handful of stuffing 
  • a needle and thread

Cut the fleece into two identical shapes. Sew around the outside, leaving a small hole to put the stuffing in. Put the stuffing in and sew up the rest of the toy.

3. DIY Kong

You’ve probably got friends who rave about the Kong or maybe you’ve even purchased one yourself. It is, after all, the mother of all work-to-eat toys.

While you can buy these for fairly cheap, you can also make one at home for even cheaper.

Just grab an old tennis ball and a knife. Cut a small slit along one of the seams, then stuff it with one of your dog’s favorite treats: peanut butter, cheese whiz, ground hamburger, or wet dog food all work great.

Then, get a good chuckle as you watch your dog excitedly work to get the treat out.

4. Tug-of-War Toy:

diy dog toy tennis ball

Of course, you need at least one toy you and your dog can enjoy together.

To create your own tug-of-war toy you’ll need:

  • two tennis balls 
  • a piece of old rope

Cut holes in both sides of the balls that are big enough for the rope to fit through. Then, string the rope through and tie knots on both ends to keep it in place.

You’re now ready for a killer game of tug-of-war with your dog. And when he gets bored (or more likely, you do) you can use it to play fetch.

This is a great way to tucker him out before he climbs his dog stairs for bed.

Cheap Dog Toys: Wrap Up

We hope your dog enjoys his new cheap toys and that you enjoy assembling one.

They’re all so cheap and easy to make. We don’t blame you if you feel like you’ve earned yourself a vacation with the money you’ve saved.

Let us know in the comments below which toy on this list is your dog’s favorite.


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