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Phone Frugality: 7 Ways to Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

Americans pay the highest cell phone bills in the world with each phone connection costing almost 50 dollars per month. This is a drastic increase from the early 2000s where phone bills would average around $100 annually.

50 dollars per month adds up to an average cost of 600 dollars annually for one phone connection. If you have a family or pay for multiple phones, this can add up to thousands of dollars. And this doesn’t include costs for new technology, phone repairs, phone cases, and more things that we shell out to have our cell phones.

Is your cell phone bill getting out of hand? Should you be spending less on your phone and more on more essential things like food and rent?

This isn’t an uncommon problem. That’s why we’re going to go over some things that will help you lower cell phone bills so you can save money.

Get A Bundle Plan

Many phone companies don’t just deal with cell phone service. Some companies offer many different services including cell phone service, data, landline service, and even cable television.

As Gamma Telecom details, this is beneficial for both customers and the big companies themselves. That’s why many companies also offer discounts to customers who choose to bundle all of their needs within one company.

Speak with your service provider about what types of bundle plans are available to you to see if this will cut down your overall costs or get you a discount.

Sign Up for a Family/Shared Plan

Besides bundling your different service needs under one company, you can also get potential discounts when you sign up for a family or shared cell phone plan.

These plans pool a certain number of minutes, data, and texts into one large plan that’s shared between different connections. These plans are often discounted

You can sign up with your family, a group of friends, and even co-workers in order to get the benefits of a family plan.

Only Buy the Data You Need

Many of us get lured into the trap of “unlimited data” plans. They’re popular because you can use apps, stream videos, and generally do whatever you want on your phone wherever you want without the risk of data overage charges.

However, these plans can also be pricey, especially if you’re paying for more than one phone. Look at the information from your past few phone bills to see how much data you’re actually using per month. If you’re using way less than the amount of data you’re paying for, consider choosing a plan that includes less data to get a cheaper price.

If you’re only using 3 GB of data per month, there’s no need to pay for an unlimited or a high data plan. Speak with your service provider about cheaper data plans that will cover only what you need.

Avoid Data Overages!

On the other hand, you also want to be careful about going over on your data. If you use more data than your plan covers, there are usually large fees that you must pay for each extra byte of data that you use.

If you’re “going over” the amount of data you pay for every month, it’s more cost effective to upgrade your plan vs continuing to pay overage fees.

You can also take steps to use less data to avoid going over. Be sure to connect to wifi whenever possible, avoid using apps when not on a wifi connection, and track your data usage with your cell phone service provider.

Research Discounts and Deals

We’ve mentioned that bundle deals and family plans can both get you a discounted cell phone bill. However, there are other discounts that you can potentially get if you do your research.

Discounts for Students, Veterans, Etc

Some companies will offer discounts for employees, seniors, students, and veterans. Ask your provider if there are any discounts that can be applied to your bill.

Autopay and Paperless Billing

Many companies also offer a discount when you set up paperless and/or automatic billing. A percentage will be taken off your bill when you ditch paper bills and allow the company to automatically take what you owe them out of your bank account.

This also makes sure that you won’t have to pay any late fees if you forget to pay your bill since it will be automatically paid on a certain day every month.

Switch Phone Companies (or Stay Loyal!)

Many of the big cell service providers offer incentives for you to sign up with them. You can save some serious money simply by switching from one company to another and take advantage of the “new member” deals.

You should also do your research on each company. One company could be significantly cheaper than another simply depending on the area you live in, the type of phone you have, the number of people on your family plan, etc.

On the flip side, there are also advantages to staying with the same company. Some companies will reduce your bill or offer deals and discounts if you’ve been a loyal customer for a certain number of months or years.

It might be worth it to stick it out with the same provider for a few more months if it means you’ll get a great discount on your cell phone bill.

Saving Money on Your Cell Phone Bill: Bottom Line

While most people do spend a significant amount of time on their phone, spending thousands on cell phone service isn’t logical for most of us. So whether you’re on a budget or simply want to spend less money on your cell phone bill, these tips can help you.

Not all of these tips will work for everyone, but hopefully one of them will help you reduce your phone bill.

If you need other money saving tips, check out our website. You can find budgeting ideas, discount codes, coupons, freebie information, and more.

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