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shutterfly free prints

Shutterfly: Unlimited Free Prints (Today!) 4×4″ or 4×6″

Shutterfly free 4×4, 4×6 prints: Today only, free unlimited prints from Just pay for shipping!

Unlimited Free Prints

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superbowl food ideas

How to Throw an Awesome Super Bowl Party on a Budget

If you’re part of the 11.3 million people tuning in to watch the biggest game of the season, we want you to focus on the action, rather than what’s happening in your wallet.

Throwing a Super Bowl party is a great way to celebrate your favorite teams and also have an awesome time with the people you love. And, what’s even better? It doesn’t have to drain your expenses.

Let’s get into some of our favorite tips for throwing an awesome Super Bowl party, even when you’re on a budget!

Super Bowl on a Budget:

Get Into the Spirit!

Having a good vibe and atmosphere is all the difference from a good party to an epic Super Bowl party.

Were you able to get your sports tickets to see the game this year? If so, enjoy every moment! If you’re like most of us, watching it on the big screen at home, you can still make it feel like you’re right there.

The best rule of thumb: Keep the action flowing! Encourage people to dress up in their favorite gear. Have a good amount of seats and standing space. Make sure the TV is on an appropriate volume and make sure to enjoy those infamous commercials!

superbowl chicken wings

Nail Down Your Food & Drink

No Super Bowl party is complete without the food. For perspective, people consume about 1.33 billion wings on this day alone!Don’t worry about making it fancy. Consider keeping your food options flexible.

The best advice for maintaining a fun time on a budget? Don’t fuss too much about the food. Instead, consider keeping your food options flexible.

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Have everyone bring their favorite appetizer or dessert dish. This keeps costs down for you and assures everyone has plenty to eat.


You supply the food, and your guests bring a six-pack of their choosing. Supply the ice and coolers. Don’t worry about having an open bar. Yes, people like to drink on this day, but nobody is going to care if you don’t have six types of vodka. Have a few drink options available, make sure you have enough ice, and we promise you’ll have a satisfied crowd.

Simple and cheap recipes

We’re talking nachos, quesadillas, potato skins, pigs in a blanket…it doesn’t have to be complicated! If all else fails, ordering a bunch of pizzas as the main dish always works. Who doesn’t like pizza?

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Avoid Waste

We’ll be honest. Nobody really cares about the cool football decorations. They just want to have a good time. Don’t feel obligated to spend money on streamers or balloons just for the party.

Another money pit? Paper plates and utensils! Instead, just use what you have in the house and/or check out your local consignment shop to pick up some inexpensive plates.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the joys of party planning blow your budget. Get the basics down and the rest will follow.

And, remember, whether you’re interested in saving money on restaurants meals or online flower deliveries, we’re here to show you all the best tips on keeping you satisfied while keeping your wallet fat.

free stuff men

How to Get Awesome Free Stuff for Men

free signReady to upgrade your wardrobe, your next vacation, or your personal products?

We’re all looking for ways to live the high life for a fraction of the cost. Luckily, the Internet has made it possible. You just have to know where to look.

Here, we’ll tell you the most effective — and least time-consuming — ways to score free stuff for men online.

1. Write a Product Review

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to run a successful men’s lifestyle blog or write for Details Magazine to score free products and samples.

All you need is a way with words, a willingness to write a review, and the courage to approach companies.

There are several ways to do this.

For example, let’s say you’re in desperate need of a new beard trimmer — but don’t have the cash to buy one for yourself. Sites like Influenster and Friends & Neighbors will send you products — like that beard trimmer — for testing.

In exchange for either private feedback or a public beard trimmer reviews, you get the product for free.

If you have some clout on social media (between 5-10k followers is a good starting point) you can even approach companies directly about reviewing their products on your accounts.

Most will jump at the chance to work with someone they consider an influencer.

2. Sign Up With Online Freebie Sites

Of course, the best case scenario is being sent free stuff for men with as little effort as possible.

This is where online freebie sites come in. Essentially, these sites list coupon codes, give you access to exclusive deals, and update you on freebie opportunities every day.

These sites work with a variety of companies, so you never know when you’ll be able to score the product of your dreams for free.

3. Enter Product Giveaways

The best way to find out about product giveaways is to follow the brands you hope to score free stuff for men from on social media.

Often, brands will post about these opportunities on their official Facebook or Instagram accounts. You may need to share their posts in order to be considered for a freebie.

You could also enter a time-sensitive giveaway, where the first 50 people to respond are sent a free sample.

Of course, it’s not just official brand accounts that offer up these giveaways. Often, lifestyle bloggers or websites that are sent excessive free products (we know, we’re jealous, too) will give them away to their followers.

If you’re a budding blogger yourself, take note that these giveaways are a highly effective way to increase your readership.

Getting Free Stuff for Men Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Thanks to this post, we hope you realize that it’s possible than ever to live a celebrity-like lifestyle without paying celebrity-like prices.

No matter what products you’re looking for, from Star Wars swag or free trials, to Shutterfly photo prints, and free business cards, we help you score it for free.

We also keep you informed about coupon codes, and tell you how to avoid being hit with massive fees after free trial periods end.

You can’t afford not to hear us out. Get ready to make all your friends — and followers — jealous with our tips.

timeshare freebies presentations

Vacation Freebies: Are You Willing to Sit Through a Timeshare Presentation?

Sit through a presentation, get a great freebie – Getting free stuff, no matter how small, is always nice. However, the thrill-factor of scoring a bargain goes way up when the item is decidedly considered “big-ticket.” Vacation packages and hotel stays are two of those items.

It’s no secret that vacations are expensive, especially for families traveling together. Even if you manage to avoid paying for airfare by taking a road trip, hotel prices can add up quite a bit for multiple day stays.

Many families compromise on hotel quality in order to save money but you gotta admit that there’s something special about staying in highly-rated, sparklingly clean and comfortable accommodations with a host of guest-service amenities.

So, how can you possibly stay at a resort or hotel for free? Well, you’ll either have to pile up points as a frequent customer, or get creative.

Free hotel stays from “points” are elusive

The folks at Motel 6 may try their best, but it’s still not the same. Points programs for nice hotels are good to have but it takes a whole lot of paid stays to be able to eventually maybe get a one-night freebie.

Settling for discount hotels may be a necessity from time to time, but wouldn’t it be nice to break up the bleakness once in awhile with a stay in a fancy resort or high-end hotel — for free? That’s actually possible with timeshares, but you have to know how to play the game.

In exchange for a couple of hours of your spare time, you can stay in brand new resorts or even luxury hotels at a huge discount or free of charge, sometimes with extra perks like complimentary meals or show tickets thrown in. Here’s how:

You’ve seen the mailers. They’ve probably gone directly into your “file cabinet.” Those elaborate sales pitches for the luxurious townhouses or exotic resorts that you know you’ll never visit are quite ubiquitous.

Even if you’ve never gotten one by mail or email, you’re no doubt familiar with the routine – come see our lovely property and we’ll give you a prize just for coming to check it out and giving us your opinion.

timeshare free offers

Timeshare presentations

Marketing companies willingly give you all kinds of perks as part of their strategy to show their Timeshare properties to as many people as possible. The amount of money paid by the small percentage of people that DO buy, makes it well worth the effort for the companies to give away a ton of freebies and discounts.

Of course, the presenters for these timeshares don’t just want your opinion; they want your money. Like car salesmen, they work on commission, so they won’t give you freebies without putting up a fight!

Not only can you get discounted or free hotel rooms in places like Las Vegas, Orlando, Hawaii and Manhattan, but depending on the marketing company that’s offering the deal, you may also be able to land free tickets to Disneyland, free tickets to see a Broadway show or free $100 gift cards!

Timeshare freebies: So, what’s the catch?

To get your freebies, you simply have to attend a sales presentation in which you’re given information about the timeshare or vacation rental property.

In general, these kinds of presentations last for about an hour and a half and are often quite entertaining and interesting. After it’s over, you’re free to leave without any obligation to buy anything, but the catch is you have to leave! Your time is money, so if you get stuck for 3 hours, suddenly that $100 freebie isn’t such a great deal!

Still interested? If you’re planning on a vacation to a certain location anyway or if you’re interested in finding out more about an area, why not Google “timeshare tours offering free stays” for that location and see if you can sign up for a tour that coincides with the dates that you’d like to travel there.

Just make sure you do a little research before signing up for a “tour.” Read online reviews and make sure you don’t connect with any unpopular timeshare companies or shady businesses.

The most popular timeshare locations include Disney (Lake Buena Vista), Aruba, Hilton Head, Las Vegas, and Hawaii, so searches for those areas should yield good options.

timeshare free

Have an exit strategy

Keep in mind that you will have to be firm in declining the company’s offer to actually purchase a Timeshare because the salespeople do tend to be aggressive. Leaving a presentation can be harder than quitting, so confirm with the staff when you arrive how long the presentation will take and set the alarm on your phone or watch.

Let the salespeople know that you’re on a time limit and that you have to leave after the allotted tour or presentation time. This should help in making sure that you get out of the meeting without too much fuss.

You should also have a reason ready for why you won’t be buying a timeshare. One suggestion is to say that your financial situation has changed since planning the vacation, and now it’s not in your budget.

Another creative idea to get out of a timeshare presentation is to have a friend call you or send a text at an exact time with “urgent news.” Maybe they can pretend to be your babysitter informing you that one of your kids just threw up, or that she’s locked out of the house.

Get creative here, but don’t be over the top or insulting! Don’t put up with a salesman going well beyond the advertised presentation time, and don’t forget to ask for your freebie on the way out!

rooty tooty pancakes free

FREE: Rooty, Tooty, Fresh, & Fruity Pancakes from IHOP ($7 Value)

Free pancakes from IHOP: IHOP is giving away free pancakes when you signup with your email address at their website.

This freebie is part of their new marketing strategy, the “Pancake Revolution®(can revolutions be trademarked?) and promises, “pancakes to the people.”

So, just for signing up for the Pancake Revolution®, you get a full stack of their Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity® Pancakes valued at $6.99. That’s 4 pancakes, plus fruit topping and whipped cream. Yum!

Free pancakes from IHOP (email signup)

Rooty, tooty, fresh, fruity, and “free”

Wasn’t “rooty, tooty, fresh, and fruity” a Little Richard song? Or, maybe it was the names of the kids in that boy band, One Direction?

Anyway, I don’t know where that name crazy came from, but after surviving for decades, I guess it wasn’t a bad marketing decision after all.

If going to IHOP once isn’t enough, you can stay enrolled and get more free food on your birthday and on the anniversary of joining the “revolution®”

Viva la revolution!… I guess? 

Rooty Tooty Fresh N’ Fruity Commercial (1988)

Remember this gem?


Weight Watchers: Join Free, Free Cookbook, 1 Free Month! (Save $67)

logo weight watchersThinking about joining Weight Watchers? They run deals every week for new customers, but this offer is pretty good, and includes free signup.

In an attempt to get you to signup for a longer period, 6 months, they are waiving the signup fee, giving you your first month free, and throwing in their popular cookbook for free. Check it out:

weight watchers free signup

Why this is a good deal

Regardless of how long you signup, this is one of the best deals I’ve seen for Weight Watchers. The appeal here is that you can choose their 6 month subscription and pay nothing up front.

You’ll also lock in at a super-low weekly rate on the 3 or 6-month subscription. Here’s a comparison:

  • Join for 1-month: $19.95 (closest thing to a “free trial”)
  • Join for 3-months: $39.95 (free signup)
  • Join for 6-months: $0 up-front, 1 free month + $19.95 per month

Free signup: all Weight Watchers Plans

All subscriptions include free signup, so if you are on the fence, you can even do the 1-month subscription and only “risk” $19.95.

Consider adding meetings, as they make the success rates double.

Keep in mind that when you choose a subscription length, you are committing to at least that long of a membership.

If you cancel before the initial commitment, you have to pay a $20 cancellation fee.

The first month and Weight Watchers Cookbook are freebies

When you join for 6 months, the first month is free, and they send you a free cookbook. Not bad, but make sure you are ready to commit to 6 months before selecting that option.

If you don’t care about the cookbook, then the shorter, 3-month subscription is probably better.


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star wars printable coloring pages free

10 Free Star Wars Coloring Pages: Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Finn, Rey

Star Wars Free Coloring Book Pages – (Force Awakens / Last Jedi) Some 30 (Earth) years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, a new threat arises. The First Order wants to rule the galaxy and install Starbucks locations on every planet and moon.

Not really, but get your brown crayons ready to color some wookiees, because here are some free coloring book pages featuring Poe Dameron, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Rey, and BB8:

*Click to view printable page:

kylo ren with storm troopers:

star wars kylo ren troopers coloring page

poe dameron with x-wing fighter:

star wars poe dameron coloring page

printable coloring book page: bb8 droid:

star wars coloring page bb8 droid

rey and bb8 coloring book page free:

star wars rey bb8 coloring page

coloring book page with Finn and Rey:

star wars coloring page fin rey

chewbacca with gun:

star wars coloring page chewbacca free

star wars storm trooper coloring book page:

star wars storm trooper coloring page

star wars kylo ren coloring page:

star wars kylo ren coloring page

Free Star Wars Chewbacca Coloring Page:

star wars coloring page chewbacca free

kylo ren’s shuttle coloring page

star wars kylo ren shuttle coloring page

Print These Force Awakens / Last Jedi Coloring Book Pages at Home for Free

Or, take them to your local tattoo artist and have them permanently printed on your skin. Just remember, don’t use these pages for commercial use, or Disney will sent a Wookiee lawyer to your home to rough you up.

Save on Ink When You Print These At Home on An Inkjet Printer

There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing free coloring book pages with Chewbacca on them. Ok, that doesn’t rank very highly on anyone’s list of the world’s most gratifying experiences, but it’s fun.

It’s also great to save money on printer ink so that printing out Chewy doesn’t cost you an arm and a (hairy?) leg. Please consider 4inkjets for generic, (name brand compatible) high-quality printer ink.

Use a Coupon for an Extra 20% Discount: Maybe you can’t use the Force, but you can use a coupon for an extra 10-20% discount at 4inkjets here.

It would make a wookiee happy if you did.