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ftd wilted flowers review

Sending Flowers? Here’s Why Top Florists Get Such BAD Reviews

“Send me dead flowers by the mail,
Send me dead flowers to my wedding,
And I won’t forget to put roses on your grave” – Dead Flowers, The Rolling Stones

Online florists get terrible reviews:

I recently did a little research into online florists, as I was looking to send a bouquet to my Mom on Mother’s Day.

So, the first online florist that came to mind was FTD, so I grabbed a coupon for 20% off , researched their shipping rates, and then googled, FTD reviews to see what people were saying about them online.

WOW! Suddenly the Google search results page was filled with sites showing 1-star reviews. And, not just single “one-star” reviews; these are cumulative ratings based on hundreds of reviews.

FTD’s ratings on large review sites: 

  • Consumer Affairs rating: 1/5 (157 votes)
  • Yelp: 1/5 (312 reviews)
  • Reseller Ratings: 1/10 (375 reviews)

Yikes! So, FTD must be the worst florist in the world, right? I immediately moved on to the next florist. I found a free shipping promo for ProFlowers, (saves $12!) then hit Google to read some “ProFlowers reviews.”

Same thing! Nothing but hundreds of angry reviews!

1800flowers? You guessed it. Turns out that “Norm of the North” (awful kids’ movie) is viewed more favorably in reviews than most of the florists online.

ftd reviews bad

What was ordered vs. what was actually delivered!

Sample excerpts from bad online reviews:

  • “FTD is the worst company. Is there a NO STARS option?” – Raven B. of Altadena, CA
  • “Very shady business. DO NOT ORDER FROM PROFLOWERS!” – Nicolle of Thornton, CO
  • “This is in Florida! The flowers wilted and died in the heat! Horrible, horrible company!” Rita of Miami, FL.
  • “The (FTD) flowers depicted on the site were nothing like what was delivered” – Jennifer Q. of Somerville, MA
  • “…looked nothing like the pictures – small and ugly (Proflowers) – Candace, St. Petersburg FL.
  • I laughed when I saw the flowers delivered… If I could give FTD less than one star, I would” – Sabryna L. of Miami, Fl
  • “I will never use this crappy company (1800flowers) again!…They will refund me 50%. What about the pain and suffering I’m going through!” (Wow!) Donna of Roscoe, IL

Why are reviews for online florists so bad?

woman surprisedFlowers so bad that you deserve compensation for pain and suffering?! Wow…

Well, I read through scores of these reviews, and here’s what I came up with. Reviews are so bad because flowers are a highly-perishible item that blooms for a short period of time. It’s a logistical nightmare to get such a product to any address in the country while it’s fresh and in its prime.

Add to that the fact that online florists usually depend on a huge network of local florists to fulfill orders. Florists are expected to arrange and deliver bouquets, and there isn’t much quality control.

Fictional Customer: “Um, If you could just deliver a bouquet of exotic roses to rural Florida in July, that would be great. If my Mother-In-Law isn’t home, just leave them by the door.”  Hey, what could possibly go wrong?!

wilted tulips delivered

Top Complaints about flower delivery services

  1. Flowers look wilted: I noticed a lot of bad reviews coming out of states like Florida, so apparently the heat is another enemy of successful flower delivery. If you are sending flowers to the South in July, hope that the recipient is home when they arrive!
  2. Flowers don’t look like photo: The second biggest complaint is that flowers just don’t look like the photo on the website. Once again, I assume weary local florists are send a photo along with each order of what they are expected to produce from their limited existing inventory of flowers.
  3. Flowers not delivered on correct date: There are a lot of bad reviews from people whose flowers were delivered on the wrong date. One review complained that the flowers arrived a week early; well before the recipient’s birthday.

I also noticed that most complaints were about flowers ordered for big holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Florists are expected to fulfill millions of orders in the days leading up to these dates, and that can really create havoc!

Fictional Customer #2: “Um, I’d like to send an exquisite live orchid to my girlfriend in Fargo, with delivery on the day before Valentine’s Day.” South Dakota in February? No problem-o!

In conclusion…

“You can’t always get what you want, 
But if you try sometimes well you might find, 
You get what you need.” – You Can’t Always Get What You Want, The Rolling Stones

People spend billions of dollars every year sending flowers from popular florists, so apparently delivering flowers works out well most of the time.

However, now that I think about it, has not yet decided to enter and dominate the “flower delivery” space, so there must be something wrong. Hmmm…

In conclusion, I’d say that flower delivery is a really tough business to be in. It also seems like angry customers disappointed with their flower order are about 50 times more likely to hit the internet and rant about their anger than someone who got what they expected.

Sometimes buying flowers from the local florist or grocery store isn’t an option, so you are stuck playing Russian Roulette with online florists. (Especially just before big holidays or during extreme weather) 

Remember though, most of the time, “it’s the thought that counts.” Your loved one will probably appreciate your thoughtfulness, even if the actual flowers fall short of “amazing.”

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Most Popular Kinds of Flowers to Send On Mother’s Day + Their Meanings

Most popular kinds of flowers to send on Mother’s Day: We appreciate our moms so much that we dedicate a holiday each year to her, and collectively spend over $20 billon dollars proving our love and appreciation for her.

Several billion of that is just on buying flowers, but most people don’t think twice about their meaning before choosing which kind of flowers to send.

*Tip: Mom appreciates the flowers, but she also appreciates prudent spending. Online florists have some of their best deals of the year in May, so don’t just go to a flower site and pay retail price. Two of this year’s most popular coupons include free shipping at ProFlowers,new and 20% off site-wide at!

funny mothers day flowers

Anyway, while pink still reigns as the preferred color choice for bouquets, here are the most popular kinds of flowers to send, and their significance:


send lilies meaning

lilies – 20% off at FTD

Of course, one of the most popular types of flower to send on this special day is the simple lily. These dazzling flowers are most often associated with symbols such as devotion and kindness. It’s logical, then, that you would give these as a present to your mother who is doubtless kind and devoted to you.

Rather excitingly, you can get these flowers in an array of colors! From the rare orange lily, which symbolizes wealth and luck, to the gorgeous pink lily, which signifies love, there’s something for everyone.


send orchids mothers day meaningNext up, the stunning orchid is a flower that seems ideal for pretty much any occasion. In recent years, though, it seems that this flower has become one of the most popular to send on Mother’s Day. So, what is the deal with this particular flora?

As you may know, there are two common orchids which you may have seen before now. Red orchids are symbolic of friendship and, indeed, love. On the other hand, white orchids are a sign of elegance and sophistication. Needless to say, either (or both) of these flowers make for perfect a Mother’s Day gift.


Roses are red… except when they’re not. Despite what the popular rhyme may have you believe, there’s a whole load of different colors when it comes to roses. From yellow and white to red and pink, you will have your pick of the bunch, so to speak.

So, what is the meaning behind these beautiful and intricate flowers? Well, while deep red roses are obviously symbolic of love, light pink roses signify grace.

Yellow roses are traditionally a symbol of friendship, and light up a room. They are a great way to say, “thanks”, but could also be chosen as an alternative on Mother’s Day to say, “thanks for being YOU.” 

It’s well worth taking a look at the many roses out there before you pick the right flower for your mom. No doubt, she will appreciate the gesture.


irises send meaningAs the name suggests, the simple iris and, of course, it’s meaning dates well back to Ancient Greece. In reality, this flower gets its name from the Greek Goddess, Iris, who was supposedly was the link between heaven and earth.

For this reason, this flowers have a whole load of significance. Should you get some for your mom, it might just mean the world to her.

Like many of the flowers on this list, there are many different colors in which you can get irises. The most common are perhaps blue and purple. However, you can also get these flowers in white, peach, and yellow. If you’re looking for the perfect bouquet, you may well want to get a mix of all of the above. Beautiful.

Calla lilies

calla lilies sendThe interesting thing about calla lilies is the fact that each one of them has a different meaning depending on its color.

If you’re thinking about getting a bunch of these beauties for your mom, you’ve come to the right place. It’s worth checking out what each means before you buy any flowers.

One of the most-fitting for your mom may be the yellow calla lilie, since it symbolizes gratitude. Of course, you want to show your mom how very grateful you are to have her in your life.

Similarly, pink calla lilies actually symbolize appreciation, which may also work for your mom. On the other hand, purple calla lilies mean ‘charm,’ so you may also like to include a few of those too.

Since Mother’s Day is all about saying “thanks,” calla lilies are a popular choice.


Tulips are synonymous with “perfect love,” but that can mean any type of love or affection. These days, tulips have become a favourite for Mother’s Day since they are an appropriate seasonal symbol of Spring and hope in May.

Yellow tulips tend to express “cheerful thoughts, positive energy, and sunshine,” while Purple tulips symbolize royalty. Maybe consider a bouquet with at least a few purple tulips for the “Queen” of the family!

White tulips symbolize “worthiness,” and can also represent “forgiveness.” (Did you get in any arguments with Mom this year!? Consider sending tulips to symbolize a new beginning) 

Though the most popular tulips are likely pink or yellow, you can also commonly find them mixed in bouquets, which should cover all your bases for meanings!

The significance of pink flowers

Finally, let’s talk about every mother’s favorite color – pink. Sure, pink has been highjacked by retail brands, and pop music innuendo, but long before Victoria had a Secret, pink flowers had a special meaning.

While red is usually associated with love, there’s something softer and calmer about the color pink. It’s very feminine, and (when not used in an Aerosmith song, or selling underwear!) signifies appreciation, respect, and adoration.

It’s no wonder then that so many people out there choose pink flowers for their mom on Mother’s Day. The tone is symbolic of everything they feel for that special lady in their life!

*Before sending flowers, check out our posts on the shipping rates for FTD, and the delivery fees charged by ProFlowers. A little research can save you a “bunch.”

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wall street journal rates subscription

WSJ (Confusing) Subscription Rates: New Prices + Best Deal • 2017

How much does the Wall Street Journal actually cost? The WSJ actually has a very confusing system for pricing their subscriptions. Before you subscribe, it’s a good idea to do some research to know what you will be paying, and use a WSJ coupon to get the best deal.

How WSJ subscription prices are determined

The price you pay for a Wall Street Journal subscription depends on two factors:

  1. Digital and/or Print? Do you want WSJ Digital only, Print only, or Digital+Print
  2. Promotion Length: As a new subscriber you have the choice of committing to a 3, 6, or 12 month promotion, which is paid up-front.

Wall Street Journal Subscription Prices

Here are the rates for each subscription option, as well as the total cost after the first year. These costs differ depending on on the initial length of the promotion you choose.

WSJ Promo:Digital OnlyPrint OnlyDigital+Print 
3 Months:
View promo
Upfront Cost: $12
(Renews at: $37/mo.)
12 mo. total: $345
Upfront Cost: $12
(Renews at: $37/mo.)
12 mo. total: $345
Upfront Cost: $12
(Renews at: $39/mo.)
12 mo. total: $363
6 Months:
View promo
Upfront Cost: $111
(Renews at: $37/mo.)
12 mo. total: $333
Upfront Cost: $111
(Renews at: $37/mo.)
12 mo. total: $333
Upfront Cost: $117
(Renews at: $39/mo.)
12 mo. total: $351
12 Months:
View promo
Upfront Cost: $311
(Renews at: $37/mo.)
12 mo. total: $311
Upfront Cost: $311
(Renews at: $37/mo.)
12 mo. total: $311
Upfront Cost: $328
(Renews at: $39/mo.)
12 mo. total: $328

*Prices don’t include tax
*Updated 5/05/17

As you can see, “Print Only” is the same price as “Digital Only.” It’s interesting to note that subscribing to both (Print + WSJ Online) only adds a couple of dollars per month.

Generally if you commit to a longer subscription up front, your total cost will be cheaper after the first year. In the case of the WSJ Digital + Print bundle, you save about $40 per year by paying for 12 months up-front compared to the 12-week deal.

What is the Best WSJ Deal?

reading wsjTo determine which subscription is the best deal, ask yourself how much of an initial commitment you’d be comfortable with.

When you commit to a shorter period of time, (like the “12 weeks for $12” promo) you get a lower initial rate, but the cost will be higher when it renews after the deal ends.

That means that:

Subscriptions: Pay More (Up-Front), Save More Long-Term

Hopefully the table above is clear in explaining the Wall Street Journal’s confusing pricing methods. In summary, the WSJ pricing model is much like most subscription-based products, in that you save more if you pay more up-front. This is true with everything from the Nutrisystem Diet Plans to subscriptions.

If you are just testing the waters, (or afraid of commitment) you can’t go wrong with their 12 week for $12 deal. Remember, you can cancel your subscription anytime after the promotional period ends!

Best Rates are for New customers

As they say directly on “Our introductory prices are our lowest available rates, and are available only to new subscribers.”

It’s true, so if you plan to keep your subscription long-term, consider locking in for the cheaper, promotional rate as long as you can!

ftd shipping service fees

FTD’s Shipping Rates & Service Fees

ftd logo roundHow much does shipping really cost at If you have ever placed an order from FTD, (or any florist) you know that the delivery charges are a significant part of the total expenses for any order. (Always use a coupon!) 

FTD does not list shipping and service fees on their site, because they are expensive and confusing. The price of shipping calculated based on the delivery location and the specific products in your order, and not revealed until the end of the checkout process.

In fact, if you place more than one order for flowers a year, consider joining FTD Gold for free shipping, as it pays for itself after the first order. Having said that, it’s still possible to estimate FTD shipping rates.

FTD Shipping Rates: 

 Standard Shipping:Same-Day / 2-Day Delivery:Saturday:
Flowers$17.99+$17.99+ (same-day)$17.99+
Plants:$19.99$19.99 (2-day)$29.99
Gifts:$11.99-19.99$16.99-29.99 (2-day)$29.99

*In general, you should expect to pay $18 shipping / service fees on an average order of flowers at

Shipping Considerations:

  • Residential deliveries: If the recipient is not home, the flowers will be left in a safe place if possible. If not, delivery will be attempted the next day. (on holidays as late as 9pm)
  • Business deliveries: If the business is closed or not accepting deliveries, delivery will be attempted the next day (on holidays as late as 5pm)
  • Sunday / Monday delivery is not available for “Standard” shipping of flowers, plants, or gifts
  • Sunday / Monday delivery is available at the same price for flowers in the “same-day delivery” section
  • Saturday delivery orders must be placed before 2pm EST on Friday. The shipping rates may be cheaper if you select your flowers from the “same-day delivery” section
  • Flat shipping cost: The price of the bouquet or plant does not affect the shipping / service fee. The mailing address is the most important factor for shipping rate
  • Alaska & Hawaii 2-day delivery: Add $12.99 to the shipping prices

TIP: The “same-day delivery” section may be cheaper, and more convenient

I recently went to the homepage of FTD and chose a bouquet to send. During the checkout process, I was asked to choose a delivery date, and got this calendar with delivery options:

ftd standard shipping rates

Now, when I chose a similar bouquet from their “same-day delivery” section, I not only got better prices, but more options for delivery:

ftd delivery shipping calendar rates

Shipping rates for a common order of flowers

Notice how Saturday, Sunday, and Monday delivery now become an option, and at no additional cost? It’s worth trying, as it might save you $10 on shipping!

How does FTD calculate delivery costs and service fees?

Flowers are unique because they are highly-perishible, and the orders are usually fulfilled by a network of local florists. This means that getting truly free shipping is highly unlikely, as companies like FTD have to pay the local florists to deliver each bouquet.

Shipping rates are calculated based mostly on your location. If you live in a highly populated area like a city or suburb, there are more local florists in FTD’s network nearby. That makes delivering flowers convenient and less time-consuming for them, so your delivery fees will be less.

If you live 30 minutes from the nearest florist, that makes delivering a specific bouquet problematic, and you might see higher shipping and service fees. That means on any single order, your best bet might be to use a 20% off coupon instead.

Is there any way to beat their high shipping rates? 

Paying for shipping at online florists is like death and taxes, and you can’t totally avoid it. However, if you order flowers at least twice a year, your best bet is FTD Gold which buys you free shipping for a year for about $20.

They have been heavily promoting this service lately, and it has created a lot of loyal customers. At the end of the day, does it really matter whether you order from FTD, 1800flowers, or ProFlowers? (Their shipping rates are also expensive and confusing) Not really, and FTD actually owns ProFlowers, so why not just place all of your orders for flowers from FTD and go with the Gold membership. It pays for itself in about one order!


ProFlowers (Confusing) Shipping Costs Explained

logo proflowers topHow much does ProFlowers shipping cost, and how long does it take? If you’ve ever ordered flowers online, you know that shipping fresh flowers is expensive. ProFlowers is no different, and they add even more confusion into the process by not having consistent shipping rates. states, “We calculate the appropriate shipping and service charges based on a number of factors, including time of year, delivery location, desired delivery date, product selection and other factors.”

What does ProFlowers shipping cost? 

Here’s the estimated shipping charges from their site, which is not helpful:

  • Standard Delivery: $7.99 to $39.99 (Really?!)
  • Standard Service Charge: $12.99 to $29.99
  • Care & Handling: $2.99

*ADDITIONAL shipping charges:

  • Saturday Delivery: Extra $4.99 to $19.99
  • Monday Delivery: Extra $4.99 to $9.99
  • Same-Day Shipping: Add $4.99-$9.99
  • Morning Delivery (before 12pm) Add $14.99

Um, So What Does ProFlowers Shipping ACTUALLY Cost? 

What? So, according to the chart, their shipping could cost you anywhere from $10 to about $80 depending on a few variables. The annoying thing is that ProFlowers won’t give you a shipping total until the last page of checkout.

Makes it harder to quit your order after you’ve invested 10 minutes, right? So, I went through the process of placing two orders for flowers to figure out what they would charge me for delivery. Turns out that for most orders, ProFlowers charges about $15 for shipping

Two Sample Orders to Determine Shipping Costs:

These are the typical “average” orders that most people place, for flowers under $70 that are delivered on a weekday, 5 days from today. Here’s what they charged me for shipping:

ORDER #1: A bouquet of roses costing $29.99

proflowers shipping cost

*In this case, shipping cost $12.99 + $2.99 for “care & handling.

So, my shipping total was $15.98

ORDER #2: A bouquet of roses with chocolate strawberries costing $59.99

proflowers shipping fees

In this case the delivery cost was higher, but no “care & handling” fee? Interesting…

So, my shipping total was $14.99

Tips for Lower ProFlowers Shipping Costs

I tried a adding a couple more bouquets to determine shipping, and each time the ProFlowers shipping price ended up being about $15 for a single bouquet.

Based on my confusing experience, here’s my advice:

  • Monday and Saturday delivery costs more: Choose a delivery date of Tuesday through Friday to avoid an extra $9.99 fee
  • Delivery time is from 9am to 8pm, but avoid specifying a morning delivery time before 12pm to avoid an extra $14.99 fee
  • Don’t procrastinate: Avoid same-day delivery (if possible) to avoid an extra $4.99+ fee
  • Don’t send flowers to Alaska or Hawaii, as it’s an extra $19.99 fee! (There are plenty of flowers in Hawaii already)

Tip-Toe Through the Tulips (and Shipping-Fee Landmines) 

flower delivery happy woman

It says, “sorry your husband got hit by a train”

So, how much does shipping really cost? If you avoid all the potential landmines and extra fees above, shipping will cost a total of about $15.

Actually, shipping issues and prices are the reason for most of the bad reviews for ProFlowers, so it’s good that you are doing your homework. If you are sending multiple bouquets, or to more than one address, it will cost more.

ProFlowers Has a “Free Shipping” Page!

There is a sneaky page on with about 2 dozen popular bouquets that all ship free. You can’t use extra coupons towards these items, but you save $15 by not paying for shipping!

ProFlowers Shipping Times

Assume that your flowers will take 5 business days to arrive with standard shipping. You can also pay more for next-day, or same-day shipping. You can read all about their shipping on the “shipping FAQs” section of their website:

Shipping FAQs –

More shipping times and costs: Vistaprint shipping times & costs | Snapfish shipping costs and times | Walgreens Photo Shipping times & costs | Tiny Prints Shipping info

Good luck! Let us know your experience with ProFlowers shipping below: 

how cancel membership

How to Cancel a Subscription or Free Trial

match blue logoWant to cancel your membership before being billed (again)? Like a bad ex-boyfriend, they don’t want to see you go, but we can help.

Once the “honeymoon” ends, can be costly, charging you about $50 per month the minute your promotional rate or free trial period ends. Want to dump them? Here’s how to cancel a free trial or membership:

How to cancel a subscription:

  • Log into, and roll your mouse over the little gear shape at the top
  • Click on the settings link like this:

cancel match free trial

  • Under your account info, click the link that says, “Change / Cancel Membership”

cancel match com free trial step 2

  • On the next screen, click “Cancel Membership and remove profile”:

cancel match com step 3

  • Be sure to get a confirmation saying, your membership has been cancelled.” 

cancel subscription step 4 membership cancelled / deactivated

You’ll be notified that:

  • Your profile and photos are no longer visible to others.
  • You will no longer receive the email publications that you requested.
  • You will receive an email confirming your subscription or free trial membership cancellation.
  • You may use your current registration information to sign in any time within one year.
  • You may return and “unhide” your profile any time within one year.
  • Happy Fun Ball may stick to certain types of skin
  • You do not have to do anything further to complete your membership cancellation.
  • You can return within 180 days if you want to subscribe to (get coupon)

And that, “Our millions of members are going to miss seeing your smiling face. Good luck in love and thank you.”

Wow, missed by millions of people. Not even Donald Trump will be able to say that in 2020!

Messy breakup? You may have to contact customer service

Anyway, if you have a billing problem after a messy breakup with, contact customer service:

Tell us about your experience with below!

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest Prices: How Much it Costs Per Month

So, what does really cost? It’s America’s most popular dating site, but they don’t make their rates and fees obvious. In summary, the longer subscriptions are cheaper per month, with the 6-month subscription being the best deal. Also, new members can use a promo code to bring the price down further.

We researched the cost subscription pricing in detail, and here’s what we learned:

There are two subscription levels: BUNDLE or BASIC:

match subscription cost bundlemoney bagBefore joining, you’ll want to understand the difference between the two subscription levels. By default you’ll be presented with’s “Bundle” plan which has a few more features.

  • BUNDLE Plan: You’ll get: “Email read” notifications, “First Impressions” feature, and a better, “highlighted profile”
  • BASIC Plan: You can save about 10%, but it’s probably not worth it for what you give up.

Both “Bundle” and “Basic” plans include core features like the ability to search for matches and to contact other singles. Most people choose to spend the extra $2 or so per month to get the more robust Bundle plan. prices per month:

Here are the monthly costs for signup for the Bundle and Basic plans:

Subscription Length:BUNDLE Plan Cost:Basic Plan Cost:
1 MonthNA$40.99
3 Months$25.99 / month$22.99 / month
6 Months (Popular)$22.99 per month$19.99 / month
12 Months$19.99 / month$18.99 / month DISCOUNT monthly prices w/ promo code:

You can try their free trial before signing up, OR use a coupon to save an extra 25% on a subscription. Here are the the discounted prices for after applying this 25% off promo code

Discounted Subscription:Bundle Plan (Popular)Basic Plan*
1 MonthNA$30.74
3 Months$19.49 / month$17.24 / month
6 Months (Popular)$17.24 / month$14.99 / month
12 Months$14.99 / month$14.24 / month

*I update these prices often, but they might fluctuate slightly. You actually have to sign-in and click “subscribe” to view today’s discount pricing info on

Tips on pricing & billing

  • Initial cost: You are billed a one-time amount upfront for whatever length you commit to at the promotional price.
  • Monthly billing: When the promotional period ends, you are billed once each month at FULL-PRICE (up to $50/month!)
  • Tip: Turn off “auto-renewal” – To avoid unexpected costs after the promotional pricing ends, I recommend turning off auto-renewal after you signup. If you want to continue your subscription, you can turn it back on later.
  • Free Trial: If you aren’t familiar with, I recommend taking advantage of their free trial before joining. During your trial period, can click the “subscribe” button at any time to join.  Just be sure to cancel before the 3-7 day trial ends if you don’t want to be billed.
  • CancellationNot sold on 100% on Be sure to cancel 2 days before your subscription ends to avoid being billed for the next month

The 6-month subscription is the best deal

match blue logoSo, you probably realized that the “Basic” plan is a joke, but so is the 1-month plan. Really, it takes most people a couple of weeks just to get established on, so who really wants to pay double (monthly cost) to only join for only a month?

The 6-month subscription seems to hit the sweet spot of the best length, and best price. If you opt for longer, you’re not saving much more (per month), and you’re committing to an awfully long time.

What if you meet your soulmate after a couple months? There’s no need to commit to a 12-month membership in my opinion, unless you are committed to not settling down any time soon!

Also, the the 6-month subscription comes with the guarantee, stating that if you hven’t found someone really special in 6 months, they will credit you for another 6 months free. Yet another reason NOT to pay for a year up-front.

Avoid being billed at full price when the promotion ends: Turn OFF “auto-renewal”

woman surprisedIf you do sign up for, consider turning off auto-renewal immediately. Otherwise, you will be billed every month at regular price (about $50!) after your discounted subscription ends.

To turn it off, click account settings, and then change/cancel membership. You can always turn auto-renew back on, but it’s less of a hassle this way. complaints?

Most of the many complaints come from people who didn’t realize that would bill them each month at regular price after the promotional period ends. If you’re not familiar with how it works, try the free trial, and be ready to cancel before it ends. Also, be smart, and do research (like this!) to avoid billing confusion!

advance_auto parts free services

Advance Auto Parts Free In-Store Services: Free Car Battery Test, Free Loaner Tools, More

There’s most likely an Advance Auto Parts store in or near your town. Are you aware of all the free services that they offer? From free battery testing to free loaner tools, you might save time and money by dropping by.

free services at advance auto parts

I’m pretty sure that milk has gone bad…

coupon shareAdvance Auto Free Services:

  • Free Oil & battery recycling: If you change your own oil, or have an old car battery in your garage, you might be wondering what to do with it. Look how happy you make the guy at Advance Auto when you give him a jug of toxic goo! (above)
  • Free Electrical / Battery Testing: Do you need a new battery? I don’t know either, but they can test your battery, starter, and alternator for free for you
  • Free Windshield Wiper Installation – Ever try to replace wipers yourself? It can be a headache, so have them do it at the store when you buy new ones
  • Free Loaner Tools – If you’re handy, you might be working on a project that requires a spring compressor or specialized puller that you’ll never need again. You can borrow all kinds of tools from your local Advance Auto Parts if you leave a deposit
  • Free In-Store Pickup – Although their website offers free shipping if you spend $75+, you might not want to pay for shipping at all. If that’s the case, or if you need your order immediately, just place it online, and specify “free in-store pickup” and get it in an hour!
  • Free car battery installation – Buy any battery at their store, and they will install it for free!
  • Free chicken wings and beer – This is actually the only free thing on this list that they don’t offer; everything else is true!

Well, there you have it. Lots of free services as well as free advice for your DIY automotive projects from ASE certified team members. (Better than the advide you’ll get from the college kid at Home Depot!)

You can also get up to 30% off at Advance Auto Parts with this week’s coupon!