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Best Free Small Business SEO Tool? Try “Google My Business” (Now!)

Best free seo tool for any business is “Google My Business:” A lot of things have changed with both Google and the web in general over the years.

However, two things that haven’t changed online for businesses are the importance of:

  1. Establishing trust
  2. Achieving and maintaining a strong online presence

In case you haven’t noticed, Google has a bit of a monopoly on search, so your business can’t expect to achieve the latter without them, no matter how much SEO work you do. While there are a number of important factors in making sure your business has a strong presence online, a fast and free way to improve yours right now is called, Google My Business.”

In fact, according to Google, businesses that take advantage of this free tool are actually twice as likely to be considered by potential customers. All you need is a business with a mailing address and phone number.

Not easily convinced? Here are 7 more reasons why you should consider signing up for “Google My Business” ASAP:

1.) Manage your own Google listing

Why allow search engines to define your business? By verifying your business info on “Google My Business,” you can manage your business information, and tell your own story.

You can also add and manage important information like your business hours, address, and even add a link to your website. In fact, when someone searches on Google for an accountant, here’s what they might see:

google my business seo free
Typical Google search results, with Google My Business listings up top

*Those top results are all businesses that have a “Google My Business” listing, and you can see why they get most of the traffic!  

2.) Get on Google Maps

When you claim your business on “Google My Business,” you’re literally putting it on the map. In this case, it’s Google’s map, which is the most important one in the world for your local business, and preferred by 70% of iPhone users.

3.) Establish Trust

As a small business owner, you already know how important trust is. Increase trust by interacting with your customers through your “Google My Business” listing by responding to reviews and adding photos.

4.) GainValuable  insights about customers

Being a small business owner you probably appreciate data, right? Google My Business gives you access to lots of insightful data like who searched for your business and from where. You can even see exactly how many people called your business directly from the listing in Google’s search results and maps.

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5.) Integrate with Google Adwords

If you use AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click advertising, you’ll be able to integrate it together with your “Google My Business” listing. This will allow you to target local customers with optional (paid) advertising, and track the performance of each campaign.

6.) You can do it on the go

You don’t have to be at a desk to manage your business info on Google. In fact, you can manage and update your “Google My Business” listing from anywhere with their free app.

7.) SEO (Search results + Google Maps!) 

What other way can you get your business to the top of search results in one day?

8.) Did I mention this is FREE?

Very few things are truly “free” in this world. Whether it’s the promise of “free tax preparation,” a “free iphone,” or “free business cards,” it’s probably too good to actually be true. (*You might get free pancakes on your birthday, but you’ll feel guilty if you don’t order something else!) 

However, “Google My Business” is a rare exception to that rule.

Before you or your company spends a dollar on SEO for your business, make sure you cover the basics and take advantage of the handful of top-notch free marketing tools out there. In my opinion, “Google My Business” is at the top of that list, and you don’t even have to have a website; really, all you need is a business address and telephone number to get your business listed.

Check out “Google My Business” online here, and have your new business listing on Google search results and maps today!


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