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Household Budgeting Tip #59: Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

What if a robotic home invader was the best thing to ever happen to you?

No, we’re not talking about a dangerous revolution. Instead, we’re talking about the emerging trend of robot vacuums.

These vacuums have the potential to completely transform how you keep your home clean. However, this has left many people to ask, “are robot vacuums worth it?”

Keep reading to discover the answer to this question!

What Are Robot Vacuums?

We’ve prepared a solid guide to answer questions like “do robot vacuums work” and “are they worth it.” However, we need to answer a more basic question first: just what are robot vacuums?

Generally, the term “robot vacuums” refers to small, autonomous vacuum cleaners that can operate on their own. Rather than manually operating a traditional vacuum, homeowners can leave these tiny vacuums to clean on their own.

There are many different brands of robot vacuums out there. Roomba is arguably the most famous, and it’s worth starting out with the Roomba 980 or Roomba 960.

What Do They Cost?

It’s impossible to answer the question of whether robot vacuums are worth it without first discussing the cost. Long story short? These things can be pretty expensive.

Earlier, we mentioned Roomba as a very reliable brand when it comes to robot vacuums.

However, Roomba robot vacuums tend to start around $300, with higher-end models selling for nearly $1,000.

This may very well be more expensive (possibly much more expensive) than you’d pay for a traditional vacuum. So, you must ask yourself: how much is your time worth?

That’s because the people who benefit most from such vacuums are those with the least amount of free time.

How Much Free Time Do You Have?

How often would you clean if you had more time? Many homeowners often lament that they do not have enough time to clean and vacuum their home as much as they’d like to.

If you or a significant other has enough free time to vacuum your home to your satisfaction, then you probably don’t need a robot vacuum. If you’re very busy, though, these things can save time and money.

Having a machine that can vacuum your home whenever you are away means you have the convenience of a maid without the ongoing price. That means a robot vacuum may quickly pay for itself.

Such a purchase will be especially worth it if you are going on any really long trips in the future.

Robots vs. Traditional Vacs

When you’re comparing robot vacuums and traditional vacuums, there is another category you should consider. Which one of these is more effective at cleaning?

Unfortunately, the simple answer is that traditional vacuums typically offer a better clean. There are several different reasons for this.

When you are manually operating a vacuum, you can get better angles to suck up more dirt than an automated vacuum can. And the larger size of a traditional vacuum means you’ll typically have more suction from that than the smaller robotic model.

Of course, there is always room for both in your home, with a robotic vacuum performing general maintenance daily and you performing deeper cleanings when you can.

Do You Have Pets?

When evaluating whether robot vacuums are worth it or not, you must consider what kind of home you have. More specifically, you should consider whether you have (or want to have) pets in your home.

Pets like cats and dogs often leave fur throughout your home, and their frequent trips outside mean they are often tracking dirty inside. This means even the best pets are a constant threat to the cleanliness of your home.

For pet owners, robot vacuums are typically worth it because they can clean the home at the same rate that your pets are trying to make it dirty!

Hardwood or Carpet?

Pets are not the only factor determining what kind of home you have. Another big consideration is whether you have a lot of carpets or a lot of hardwood throughout your home.

While robot vacuums can navigate any surface, they can roll across hardwood floors much easier. And these floors retain less dirt than carpets do, making them much easier to clean.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore robot vacuums if you have carpets. You should simply understand that carpet is inherently more difficult to keep clean than hard floors are.

Size Matters

Another important consideration for you is how large your home is. This can influence a purchasing decision in a number of different ways.

First, someone with a larger home arguably gets more value out of an automatic vacuum. This is because traditional vacuuming may take a really long time, and a robot vacuum can potentially save you from hours of cleaning work.

Second, not all robot vacuums are exactly the same. Certain models may be better suited to larger homes while others are more suited to smaller homes.

Such vacuums may be worth it to you if they can restore a lot of free time to your daily schedule. After all, it’s tough to put a price tag on extra time throughout your year!

Look for the Warranty

If you’ve never used a robotic vacuum before, the idea of buying one can be a little scary. After all, how can you determine if it’s really worth the purchase?

In addition to our awesome guide, you can answer this question with another question: does it have a warranty?

Most robot vacuums are built to last. However, they are all complex machines that you may potentially be leaving to run on their own for several hours a day and several days per week.

Over time, this means there is a lot that can go wrong with your robot vacuum. But if it had a good warranty, you may be able to address any issues you face in a nice and timely manner.

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It? The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have your answer to the question “are robot vacuums worth it?” Whether you buy one or not, though, it’s good to know more about saving money.

Here at Freebie Spot, we’re all about helping you save. Ready to get started? Then it’s time to learn how to find free stuff online!

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