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Affordable and Fun Office Party Ideas

Gearing up for another office party but hear your company budget screaming, “Don’t do anything too extravagant”?

We know you want to have a fun and friendly office atmosphere and one way to do that is to celebrate with a festive office party!

The good news is that office parties don’t have to break the bank, and you don’t have to throw the same expensive and monotonous party every time.

This article will break down seven affordable and fun office party ideas that you and your employees will love.

1. Potluck Lunch

Potlucks are amazing because when you bring one dish, you get to try about a dozen or so other dishes, too!

Encourage your employees to bring in their favorite dishes to share with the group. If every employee brings something, there will be plenty of delicious food to go around.

Simply add some background music, and you have a fun and affordable company lunch. In fact, you didn’t spend any money on this project except the price of whatever dish you personally brought in.

2. Take the Party Elsewhere

While sometimes it’s nice to decorate the office and have a party inside, it’s also great to escape the normal routine for a day and try something new.

For instance, you can take the team to an escape room! Escape rooms are cropping up everywhere as one of the best new office party ideas. The premise is simple: You and your employees will be locked inside for one hour and will have to work together to solve puzzles and escape.

Escape room team building will bring out the best in your employees and will give you insight into how they work together as a team. You may even discover new skills that you didn’t know your employees had.

These rooms are also very fun and exhilarating. Your employees will leave feeling happy whether you escape or not.

3. Secret Santa

Instead of the entire office buying gifts for everyone, have a Secret Santa gift exchange.

This can save you and your employees both time and money because you only have to buy one present.

Secret Santa gift exchanges are also extremely fun. You can draw names electronically by putting everyone’s name into a website like Elfster.

Elfster will then email everyone their Secret Santa match. You can have a discussion with your employees around what you think an appropriate price cap would be. You don’t want someone getting a $200 gift while someone else gets a $5 dollar gift.

After the names have been drawn and everyone buys their gifts, have a Secret Santa exchange party. Your employees can sit in a circle with all the gifts in the middle and take turns opening theirs.

Apart from this, all you will need to buy are some holiday cookies! Put on some music and you have yourself a fun and affordable office party.

4. Holiday Decorating Contest

Let’s face it, there are a lot of holidays to decorate for in a year. What if you transferred the responsibility of decorating off of you and let your employees turn it into a fun contest instead?

For each holiday, have a cubicle-decorating contest where the teams who decorate their area the best win a prize.

This way the whole office gets decorated, but everyone pays for their own decorations. The friendly competition is also a great way to build morale and holiday cheer!

5. Host an Ugly Sweater Party

office party ugly sweater

Christmas tends to be the time of year when offices spend the most on their holiday party, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your employees are busy around Christmas with their own family and friend obligations. Make everyone’s life easier and just throw an ugly sweater holiday party.

Ugly sweater parties mean people get to be cozy and comfortable all night, and they don’t have to bust out their fancy clothes. Ugly sweater parties also bring about great laughs as you see what kind of sweaters people come up with.

Combine an ugly sweater party with a potluck dinner and you have a happy holiday.

6. Halloween Costume Contest

Some offices choose to neglect Halloween and jump straight into Christmas. When you do this, you’re missing one of the most fun and easy to celebrate holidays.

Encourage your employees to dress up on Halloween for a costume contest.

Take the first 20 minutes of the day for a costume parade. Choose a few employees to be the judges, and have the rest parade through the office.

The winner will get a spooky fun prize!

It’s a good idea to have bowls of Halloween candy sitting around the office. Candy is cheap and people will appreciate the sugar rush.

7. Board Game Party

Board games aren’t just for children. There are plenty of challenging and adult-oriented board games that your employees will love.

Host a board game party every six months to celebrate the birthdays happening around that time. Have your employees bring in their favorite games. All you’ll have to do is provide snacks, drinks, and some gaming music.

Board games are one of the great office party ideas that many people overlook. Plus if everyone brings his or her own board game, they will all have something to play that they enjoy!

Enjoy These Affordable and Fun Office Party Ideas

We hope you will enjoy these office party ideas.

Remember that having fun and celebrating holidays with your employees doesn’t have to be expensive. However, doing something to commemorate birthdays and holidays is important for boosting company morale.

Whether you stay in the office or go out and try something new like an escape room, you’re sure to have a memorable experience.

Looking for more specific party ideas? Check out our article on how to throw a Super Bowl party on a budget.

Happy partying!

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