google my business free

Best Free Small Business SEO Tool? Try “Google My Business” (Now!)

Best free seo tool for any business is “Google My Business:” A lot of things have changed with both Google and the web in general over the years. However, two things that haven’t changed online for businesses are the importance of: Establishing trust Achieving and maintaining a strong online presence In case you haven’t noticed, Google has […]

timeshare freebies presentations

Vacation Freebies: Are You Willing to Sit Through a Timeshare Presentation?

Sit through a presentation, get a great freebie – Getting free stuff, no matter how small, is always nice. However, the thrill-factor of scoring a bargain goes way up when the item is decidedly considered “big-ticket.” Vacation packages and hotel stays are two of those items. It’s no secret that vacations are expensive, especially for […]

coupons feed people

How Coupons Are Feeding People in Need

Jesus of Nazareth fed a crowd of thousands with two fish and five loaves of bread. Short of inventing a food replicator a la the Star Trek series, humans can’t duplicate Jesus’ miracle, but we can find inventive ways to feed the hungry. What if you could feed 150 people with only $20? (And no, we’re not […]

rooty tooty pancakes free

FREE: Rooty, Tooty, Fresh, & Fruity Pancakes from IHOP ($7 Value)

Free pancakes from IHOP: IHOP is giving away free pancakes when you signup with your email address at their website. This freebie is part of their new marketing strategy, the “Pancake Revolution®” (can revolutions be trademarked?) and promises, “pancakes to the people.” So, just for signing up for the Pancake Revolution®, you get a full stack of their Rooty Tooty […]

Weight Watchers: Join Free, Free Cookbook, 1 Free Month! (Save $67)

Thinking about joining Weight Watchers? They run deals every week for new customers, but this offer is pretty good, and includes free signup. In an attempt to get you to signup for a longer period, 6 months, they are waiving the signup fee, giving you your first month free, and throwing in their popular cookbook […]

star wars printable coloring pages free

10 Free Star Wars Coloring Pages: Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Finn, Rey

Star Wars Free Coloring Book Pages – (Force Awakens / Last Jedi) Some 30 (Earth) years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, a new threat arises. The First Order wants to rule the galaxy and install Starbucks locations on every planet and moon. Not really, but get your brown crayons ready to color some wookiees, […]

ftd wilted flowers review

Sending Flowers? Here’s Why Top Florists Get Such BAD Reviews

“Send me dead flowers by the mail, Send me dead flowers to my wedding, And I won’t forget to put roses on your grave” – Dead Flowers, The Rolling Stones Online florists get terrible reviews: I recently did a little research into online florists, as I was looking to send a bouquet to my Mom on Mother’s Day. […]

Most Popular Kinds of Flowers to Send On Mother’s Day + Their Meanings

Most popular kinds of flowers to send on Mother’s Day: We appreciate our moms so much that we dedicate a holiday each year to her, and collectively spend over $20 billon dollars proving our love and appreciation for her. Several billion of that is just on buying flowers, but most people don’t think twice about their meaning before […]

facebook greeting cards

Facebook Starts Greeting Card Service (Sends Hallmark SAD Emoji?)

Have you heard that the social media giant Facebook has dipped its toes in the greeting card industry? The reasoning for this foray into greeting cards is that fewer users are sharing personal data on their Facebook pages. More and more user-generated content centers around sharing news articles, memes, photos, and videos. (and that’s making […]

wall street journal rates subscription

WSJ (Confusing) Subscription Rates: New Prices + Best Deal • 2017

How much does the Wall Street Journal actually cost? The WSJ actually has a very confusing system for pricing their subscriptions. Before you subscribe, it’s a good idea to do some research to know what you will be paying, and use a WSJ coupon to get the best deal. How WSJ subscription prices are determined The price […]