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5 Tips for Finding the Best Deals for Coffee & Tea

If you’re a coffee lover, you’re in good company. Each day, 100 million Americans drink at least one cup of java.

And if tea is more your speed, you’re not alone either. In the U.S., 1,520,000 pounds of tea are consumed daily.

Good thing there are ways to save money on these two popular beverages.

Here are our 5 tips for finding the top deals.

1. Check Grocer and Brand Websites

Many grocers and specialty stores post printable coupons on their website. Make a habit of checking sites once a week to grab new deals as they’re posted.

If the coupon has a long life span (that is, it doesn’t expire for several months), print a whole batch. There’s probably a limit on how many you can use at one time. But there’s no way to stop you from using them each week!

Stores usually make the coupons available for a short time, so act fast!

Also, check the websites of your favorite brands of coffee or tea for special promotions. Coupons worth the full value of a product are common during the first months the product is on the market.

2. Look for Top Deals in the Store

Grocers will often mark down the price of products that are nearing their best before date. Some have a special corner for these must-sell products. Others will reduce the price by 50-70% on the spot when you show them the upcoming “best before” date.

best by date on coffee

Don’t worry about buying packaged coffee or tea that is approaching the best before date. If the package is unbroken, you can enjoy beverages for months. Best before dates, especially on packaged goods, are not the same as expiry dates on perishable items.

Many grocery stores and specialty coffee and tea shops offer in-store coupons and promotions throughout the year. Watch for notices in local papers and online news sites as well as signs posted at the store.

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3. Check Community Sites

Being one of the millions of people who enjoy coffee and/or tea means it’s easy to find a like-minded community. Especially online.

Especially online.

Sites dedicated to the drinking of coffee or tea can be an excellent source for coupons and other online promotions. They can answer common questions like if you should filter tap water for making coffee and tea.

In addition, they can help you learn more about your beverage of choice and introduce you to new products and preparation methods. For example, World Tea Directory has an article about discovering the best brands of tea. Click here to read and learn!

Also, although I try not to overuse our Amazon Prime account, they sometimes have some good deals on coffee (beans, cold-brew concentrate, etc) that will get to your door in 24 hours.

4. Browse Major Online Retailers

Major sites like Amazon sell a wide variety of coffees and teas along with the equipment you need to make and serve the beverages.

To find the top deals, browse the site at different times of the day and week. Make note of any price drops at particular times then buy in bulk, if possible.

There are a range of online shopping tips that can help you get deals more often.

5. Contact Your Favorite Brand Directly

There’s nothing wrong with letting your favorite brand of coffee or tea know how much you enjoy their product. Send a short email of appreciation to the head of marketing or customer service. Include a question about the possibility of upcoming promotions.

In many cases, the marketing or customer service leader will recognize you as a brand ambassador as reward you with coupons for free products. Naturally, you can only use this method once but it can be one of the most valuable ways of getting an amazing deal.

Bonus Tip: Share the Wealth

Do your friends also like finding top deals?

Ask them to watch for coupons and promotions on coffee or tea. In exchange, you’ll keep an eye open for top deals on their favorite products.

Everybody wins. Everybody saves!

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