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5 Cool Gadgets for 2017 (That Won’t Break the Bank!)

Looking for some cool gadgets to share with your family and friends? Well, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) for 2017 has passed through Las Vegas, bringing in some new gizmos from big brands and startups alike. Are these gadgets pushing us towards the Star Wars aesthetic us tech-geeks love? While a lot of the gear at the […]

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Money-Making Hobbies: Earn Cash Doing What You Love

We live and work in the gig economy. The traditional model for employment is no longer applicable for the younger generation. In fact, what you do in your leisure time can actually help supplement your income. Here’s how you can make some side cash with these fun, fulfilling money-making hobbies: Sell Your Photos Online Are you […]

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5 Cheap, Unusual Gifts for Last-Minute Occasions

Everyone loves getting gifts. There’s just something exciting about opening up a wrapped package and uncovering what’s inside. But as much as we love giving gifts, getting gifts can be frustrating. For instance, studies show that the average American has 300,000 items in their home. This can make it difficult to think of a unique gift that the […]

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How to Get Awesome Free Stuff for Men

Ready to upgrade your wardrobe, your next vacation, or your personal products? We’re all looking for ways to live the high life for a fraction of the cost. Luckily, the Internet has made it possible. You just have to know where to look. Here, we’ll tell you the most effective — and least time-consuming — ways to score […]

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Top 5 Cheap Water Filters: Brita, PUR, & More

Americans are drinking more bottled water than ever before. Many are doing so believing that bottled water is purer and safer than tap water. Yet, according to a recent report, more than 25% of it is actually just bottled tap water. And 1/3 of bottled water contains bacteria, carcinogens, and phthalates. So, if bottled water isn’t as pure as […]

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Cheap DIY Dog Toys Your Dog (And Wallet) Will Love

You come home from the pet store excited to surprise your dog with a new, shiny toy. The price was a little ridiculous- like nice dinner at a fancy restaurant ridiculous- but you’re a sucker for seeing your dog’s face light up at the sight of a new toy. But within minutes of giving your dog his […]

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Locked in a Timeshare? Learn How to Get Out!

Timeshares can be enticing business opportunities. Many people opt to join a timeshare and reap the benefits they were promised. But due to various circumstances, some people might decide that they want out. They talk to a representative and try to get their money back, only to realize that they have been locked into a long-term […]

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Best Free Small Business SEO Tool? Try “Google My Business” (Now!)

Best free seo tool for any business is “Google My Business:” A lot of things have changed with both Google and the web in general over the years. However, two things that haven’t changed online for businesses are the importance of: Establishing trust Achieving and maintaining a strong online presence In case you haven’t noticed, Google has […]

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Vacation Freebies: Are You Willing to Sit Through a Timeshare Presentation?

Sit through a presentation, get a great freebie – Getting free stuff, no matter how small, is always nice. However, the thrill-factor of scoring a bargain goes way up when the item is decidedly considered “big-ticket.” Vacation packages and hotel stays are two of those items. It’s no secret that vacations are expensive, especially for […]

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How Coupons Are Feeding People in Need

Jesus of Nazareth fed a crowd of thousands with two fish and five loaves of bread. Short of inventing a food replicator a la the Star Trek series, humans can’t duplicate Jesus’ miracle, but we can find inventive ways to feed the hungry. What if you could feed 150 people with only $20? (And no, we’re not […]