Has Your WordPress Blog Been Hacked? Here’s Help!

Has Your WordPress Blog Been Hacked? Here’s Help!

Posted on 21/09/2011 by | 4 comments

wordpress securityI love to help my fellow bloggers learn how their blogs work, but sometimes bad things happen to our blogs and we don’t even know it. I wrote a post over on my design blog about a new hack going around which affects some WordPress blogs. The hack affects users visiting from a search engine and redirects those users to another website



  1. jackpot spel Pete says:

    I wish thats all that happened to my wordpress blog. I had one get hacked and the hacker put a virus up so anyone that come to my site recieved a pop up virus alert and prompted you to install software to remove the virus and then zapp hard drive gone.

  2. Patricia says:

    I have been a user of WordPress. But I find some features difficult. Great blogging platform though. Do you use WP?

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