Why Parents Should Choose a Kindle Fire HD over an iPad 3

Why Parents Should Choose a Kindle Fire HD over an iPad 3

Posted on 06/09/2012 by | 6 comments

I watched an exciting news conference today from Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos. You see, I have been waiting for months for the new Kindle Fire HD to release. I currently own an old-school Kindle Keyboard 3G/Wifi and I love that it has 3G – I can download books anywhere and it doesn’t cost me a dime! Sure I wanted something a little snazzier for the apps, games, and browsing on the go, but no way would I pay $629 for an iPad 3 plus $14.99+ per month for data. Ouch.

My dream of a Kindle Fire with 3G did come true



  1. madamedeals says:

    Jenny- Can I use the kindle to blog off of.. my children ruined my ipad and this looks like a better and more reasonable option

  2. JenS221 says:

    Ohhh…. this is sooo tempting to upgrade! Since you posted this I’ve been reading up on the new options on Amazon.

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