What Would YOU Ask Dale Earnhardt Jr? #dewcrew

What Would YOU Ask Dale Earnhardt Jr? #dewcrew

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As a Mountain Dew Insider blogger for the #dewcrew, I have been invited to join an exclusive digital press conference on October 31st with the king of the Dew Crew himself, Dale Earnhardt Jr. To get ready for the digital press conference, I need your help!

If you had the chance, what would YOU ask Dale Jr?

diet-mountain-dew-dale-jrI’ll be picking questions at random to send to the Dew Crew and yours could be chosen! Ask as many questions as you want, or just one, the choice is yours. 🙂 To leave your questions for Dale Jr, just add a comment below. The deadline is October 23.

Hopefully you’ll join me in this fun activity and who knows, maybe Dale will be answering a question from YOU! And don’t forget to join the Dew Crew to be a part of Dale Jr’s team!

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