Tax Free States and Dates for Back to School Sales

Tax Free States and Dates for Back to School Sales

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back to schoolAre you ready for the back to school sales? Check out the list below for tax free states and have yourself a cheaper tax free weekend 2012. During this time eligible school supplies, clothing, and shoes will be exempt from state sales tax. Be sure to visit the website of your state (linked below) to learn which items are eligible.

Alabama August 3-5

Arkansas August 4-5

Connecticut August 19-25

Florida August 3-5

Georgia August 10-11

Iowa August 3-4

Louisiana August 3-4

Maryland August 12-18

Mississippi July 27-28

Missouri August 3-5

New Mexico August 3-5

North Carolina August 3-5

Oklahoma August 3-5

South Carolina August 3-5

Tennessee August 3-5

Texas August 17-19

Virginia August 3-5

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