Group Giveaway: $50 Shadora Gift Card for You and 1 for a Friend *Ends 8/31*

Group Giveaway: $50 Shadora Gift Card for You and 1 for a Friend *Ends 8/31*

Posted on 28/08/2012 by | 62 comments

Mission-GiveawayI’m on a mission… A mission to give all of you the chance to win something amazing. That’s why I’m part of the Mission Giveaway! For your chance to win this week’s prize, keep reading!

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  1. abrennan09 says:

    I would shareit with my dear friend and second mother to me – took me in as a teen when I had no home and has supported me ever since.

  2. lrobertsg1 says:

    If I won, I would pay it forward to my niece, Hollie Paige, and my nephew, Matthew. They are only 13 months apart fromeach other, so we always have a huge, amazing birthday party for the both ofthem together. Hollie and Matthew have always been the lights in my life that shine the brightest, even when I feel down and alone. Ever since I moved to Colorado from Texas, I rarely even get to see their beautiful faces ever! Maybe once every couple of years, if I’m lucky! I know that they miss me too, so HANDS DOWN I would definitely pay it forward to both of them if by any chance I actually won!! There would definitely be some happy times ahead for all of us !! Thanks to Jenny !!

  3. martys3girls says:

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  4. HeatherSidwell says:

    I would share with with my mother in law. She is getting ready to start being a foster mom!

  5. kitabob says:

    I would share it with my cousin who has a little boy and now a girl on the way! Would be fun for them to use!

  6. kathie1126 says:

    I would share with my sister who definitely need some color and fun in her kitchen (OK her life too but can only tackle one problem at a time)

  7. AllisonDownes says:

    My mom, because she deserves it for taking care of me and bringing me into this world! 🙂


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