Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Thankful Turkey Countdown

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Thankful Turkey Countdown

Posted on 19/11/2012 by | 5 comments

Crafts for kids are always fun, entertaining, and educational. This week



  1. jeegeepee says:

    This is a nice craft idea! Should have thought of this too. Maybe we will do some of this with my daughter during weekends.

  2. Peggy Bolling says:

    This was just totally awesome! It amazes me how people get such great ideas. I wished my mind worked this way. I really appreciate you sharing this craft idea!!

  3. Nsue21702 says:

    Thank you for this post and sharing the link 🙂 Awesome idea!!! We love your blog. I can’t tell you how many things we get a “heads up” from you on……

    • Jenny says:

      You’re welcome! And I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. If you ever find anything that I haven’t posted about, just contact me so I can let everyone know. 🙂

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