Group Giveaway: Acer C7 Chromebook *Ends 2/10*

Group Giveaway: Acer C7 Chromebook *Ends 2/10*

Posted on 21/01/2013 by | 19 comments

I’m totally a geek. Technology is my thing. I love gadgets, gizmos, and thingamajigs. So of course when I read about a Chromebook giveaway, I was a little giddy. I

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  1. Wanda Tracey says:

    I was having trouble posting a comment on Shopaholic Mommy.The page wouldn’t come up for me to win the Acer commputer.I hope this doesn’t hurt my chances to win it.I tried and retried it but doesn’t work for me.Wanda Tracey

  2. Karen Hand says:

    For some reason, comments have been disabled on this giveaway. To answer the question in the first task, I use a laptop to get online.

  3. Freebie Spot says:

    Hi Sherry Rochell Lerma. To enter, just click the link I posted above and then let the entry form load (takes a couple seconds). Just follow the directions on the entry form to enter. You can do as few or as many entries as you’d like. 🙂

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