Giveaway: Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips *Ends 2/11*

Giveaway: Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips *Ends 2/11*

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Who doesn’t love potato chips? Who couldn’t eat a whole bag in one sitting? Especially when they’re wonderfully crunchy and delicious kettle chips! Thanks to Pinnacle Foods, my family and I.. well.. mostly my family (dang they’re quick!).. had the yummy opportunity to try new Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips in the following four flavors.

hawaiian kettle style chips

Hawaiian Original Kettle Style Potato Chips
Real potatoes sliced and slow cooked in the old Hawaiian tradition in a select blend of oils for a crispy, crunchy potato chip with just the perfect pinch of salt.

Hawaiian Sweet Maui Onion Kettle Style Potato Chips
These crispy, golden chips are cooked to perfection, then seasoned with just the right amount of Sweet Maui onion flavor. They have combined only the finest ingredients to create a unique chip that captures the freshness and authenticity of the islands.

Hawaiian Luau BBQ Kettle Style Potato Chips
The front of the bag boasts Sweet and Spicy but many customers say it is sweet and sassy, either way your taste buds will jump for joy when you bite into this delectable flavor. For something fun, pile these chips high inside your next burger.

Hawaiian Wasabi Kettle Style Potato Chips
Discover a new world of flavor when you crunch into Hawaiian Kettle Style Wasabi flavored potato chips. We combined the zest of wasabi root with a kick of horseradish and thick sliced potato chips to create this ultimate island delight.

My Thoughts

We received the Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips only a week ago and I am sad to report that not a single chip remains. Yes I’m sad. I only got to try a handful of chips because the boys in my life ate the rest! How dare them. I did not try the Wasabi flavor because I don’t like the taste of Wasabi but my husband




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