Giveaway: Energizer Batteries Utility Cash Program *Ends 6/16*

Giveaway: Energizer Batteries Utility Cash Program *Ends 6/16*

Posted on 02/06/2012 by | 29 comments

energizer lithiumFor decades, Energizer has supported organizations helping to make a positive impact in local communities and around the world. As part of the Energizer campaign

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  1. CarolynAnnColley says:

    we are using the new light bulbs, I don’t feel like I can see as good with them, but I’m adjusting
    thanks for the giveaway

  2. tommygirl828 says:

    We unplug the computers/tvs/appliances when not in use and always put the temp up on thermostat when we’re out during the day.

  3. dpapsis2 says:

    I use natural light as much as possible and turn off the lights unless I’m using them.


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