Giveaway: $250 Sears Optical Gift Card *Ends 8/18*

Giveaway: $250 Sears Optical Gift Card *Ends 8/18*

Posted on 06/08/2012 by | 80 comments

sears-optical-logoAs you begin to get your family ready for back-to-school, don



  1. tristatecruisers says:

    no–but we need too–mainly me–my eyes are always bothering me and my glasses don’t seem to be strong enough anymore

  2. KappaVelvit says:

    We do go yearly because I wear glasses and need it, and want to make sure that if they start having issues we catch it early!

  3. rjs7777 says:

    My kids are grown but we went to the doctor and had our regular check ups. I have an eye doctor that I am going to and have contacts and glasses. I found out I have a cataract in both eyes! So fun!! I need to see a doctor concerning this!

  4. TaraLiebing says:

    My son goes annually but I don’t hav insurae so I go when an afford . It’ been a few years and mysight has got worse so I knowI need new glasses

  5. flamingonana says:

    I havent gotten to get a vision checkup in a long time funds are just to tight it would be awesome to win this 🙂

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