Get a Free Bandana and Belt Buckle from Marlboro

Get a Free Bandana and Belt Buckle from Marlboro

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Get a free bandana and belt buckle from Marlboro! Just login or register and then click the left arrow on the main page to get to the Marlboro Rope Slinger Sim game.

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Once you complete level one (it’s 1 round of practice and 1 actual game), you will have the option to claim your reward for a free bandana. If you are one of the first 10,000 to make it all the way to level 6, you can claim a free belt buckle. Promotion ends 6/30/11.



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    • Jenny says:

      Richard, in order to request this offer, you need to click the link in the post above. And you should never display your address in a public place. That’s not very safe! I have removed it from your comment.

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