Free Sony Rewards Points (Ongoing List)

Free Sony Rewards Points (Ongoing List)

Posted on 13/01/2013 by | 20 comments

sony-rewards-logoHow do you turn a Sony movie into cool rewards? It’s as simple as registering an eligible disc and earning Sony Rewards points! Below you will find codes that will give you free Sony Rewards points. It’s usually 30 points for a Blu-Ray and 15 points for a DVD.

Sign up for Sony Rewards and confirm your account in the email sent by Sony (check your junk mail), then enter the codes below for free Sony Rewards points (you can enter 3 codes every few days):

ORANGE = 2013 codes



  1. Ghostlogic says:

    Hi , just wanted to give a heads up and tell you its not 3 codes every month even though the they say that… more like every other day or something …. ive been logging in every few days when i remember 😛 and managed 3 on the 2nd 3 on the 9th and 3 on the 12th of january

  2. lils moom says:

    Hi there, maybe you can help me…I entered 3 new movies, got my points, but when I wanted to register more movies, the message said I have reached the maximum registration. I have now 915 points. never heard of a maximum before. last time I registered like 20 movies at once…any thoughts?

  3. thanks alot says:

    thanks so much i only had 250 points but thanks to you it gave me 1150 point thanks alot

  4. JenS221 says:

    I do already have a Sony Rewards account and didn’t notice the codes weren’t unique and all the same in each package of the movie, so good tip!

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