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Free Harley Davidson Sticker: Roll Your Own

Get a free sticker promoting Harley Davidson’s new “Roll Your Own” campaign. Is there a stronger American brand than Harley Davidson? (Other than Apple, and maybe Bob’s Big Boy, of course!)

Freebie: Free Harley Davidson “Roll Your Own” Sticker

Roll Your Own – I Don’t Get It

Anyway, I’m not familiar with the whole roll your own thing. It sounds to me more like a tobacco company’s slogan, and a lot like the, “Roll Tide” thing that Alabama fans give each other. (If you’re a Harley owner in Alabama, I wonder if you get dizzy from all that rolling?)

Oh, well, what do I know. I drive a minivan most of the time, so as a father of three young kids with mediocre health insurance, I shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle anyway.

Harley Davidson Roll Your Own Commercial

See, once again, the Dad in me is coming out, because I’m looking at this video thinking things like, “wow, that’s so unsafe,” and, “why does that young lady have a big leg-tattoo…”

OK, I’m not cool. Anyway, if you are a DIY car or motorcycle owner, you can get some good coupons for Advance Auto Parts here, plus about 100 deals every month in their flyer.


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